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A Complete Guide On No Win No Fee Solicitors Property Damage

Worried about how to fund your disrepair claims? Here’s a complete guide on no win no fee solicitors property damage. If you or a member of your household sustained severe injury or became sick due to housing disrepair, you can start your claim without stressing about legal costs. In this article, we will highlight and clarify how you can make a complaint or start your claim with us. 


The main aim of no win no fee agreement is to give everyone the opportunity to take legal action without any financial burden. Disrepair claims can attract huge legal costs, but not with a no win no fee or conditional fee agreement. If you sue a landlord for mold uk or other housing disrepair claims.

Our no win no fee housing claim solicitors are available to start the legal claim process to pursue compensation for mould and damp or any housing disrepair claims related cases. Our team consists of no win no fee housing solicitors who will not ask for any fees upfront.

What Is A No Win No Fee Agreement?

A no win no fee agreement is a legal agreement where a law firm takes on a client’s case without charging any legal fees. It is a contingency fee arrangement usually between a claimant and their no win no fee solicitor. This means that you will only be required to pay a fee if your claim is successful. 

Summarily, a no win no fee arrangement is a funding option that allows claimants to go ahead with their claims whether or not they have the financial means to do so.  To pursue compensation for property damage, get in touch with our housing disrepair claims solicitors today.

Once a settlement is reached and a claim is successful, a percentage of your compensation award will be deducted to cover any legal costs. Our housing disrepair solicitors no win no fee will inform you on the percentage that will be deducted when you win the case.

Who Is A No Win No Fee Solicitor?

The no win no fee arrangement also known as a conditional fee agreement, was passed into law under the 2013 British legislation, which states that a claimant will only be required to pay a no win no fee solicitor if they win the case. This is known as the conditional fee agreements Order, which means that if a claim fails, a claimant will not be charged any legal costs.

A no win no fee solicitor is a legal representative that takes on your case without asking for any legal cost upfront. A no win no fee solicitor will help you take legal action and also help you through any housing disrepair claims process. 

If a law firm gets into a no win no fee agreement with a client, it simply means that they will help cover the legal service cost pending on when they win the case. Whether a housing association disrepair or private housing, we can assist you claim the maximum compensation you deserve.


What Are The Benefits Of Choosing A No Win No Fee Property Damage Solicitor?

If you think you have a strong claim and you want to pursue compensation, a no win no fee solicitor can begin the process on your behalf, while you recover from your injury. The first step is to choose the right no win no fee property damage solicitor. Getting the right no win no fee housing disrepair solicitors will eliminate any confusion and give you an edge.

You can contact us for your housing disrepair claims manchester. If a no win no fee solicitor wins your claim, then a ‘Success Fee’ will be deducted from the damages awarded. The Benefits Of Choosing the right no win no fee solicitors property damage is to ensure that only the best hands will take on your case. 

Property Damage No Win No Fee Solicitors And Compensation Claims.

If your property was damaged or you have been injured as a result of disrepair and are hoping to claim compensation, using a ‘conditional fee agreement’ might be your best option. Contact our no win no fee solicitors for instant no obligation advice regarding your claim.

If you are looking to claim for property damage compensation on a no win no fee basis, get in touch with our housing disrepair solicitors today. Accessing a no win no fee compensation claim by an expert solicitor can help claimants have a smooth claim process. You are confident that your case is being represented correctly.


What Can You Claim With A No Win No Fee Property Damage Solicitor?

Contact us now to find out what more you could claim for a property damage or injury claim. With the assistance of our no win no fee solicitors, you might be able to claim for the following:

  • Personal Property Damages: You could be compensated for any damages done to your personal belongings, and other special damages such as loss of earnings or finances, or any losses incurred as a result of an accident. A property damage claim is a part of your claim where you get compensation to repair or replace the damages done to personal property.
  • General Damages: You could claim compensation for general damages if you experienced pain, suffering and stress due to property damage. If you sustained an injury directly because of issues relating to disrepair, you can take legal action to recover compensation.
  • Cost Of Medical Treatment: You could recover the cost of medical treatment as part of your compensation claim such as medical expenses incurred  for special medical treatment. 

How To Start A No Win No Fee Property Damage Claim

There are procedures for any claim process, especially when filing a no win no fee compensation claim. This is why you must first seek help from a well experienced solicitor. They help to review your case to know whether you are entitled to claim for any damages. They also know what to expect when filing a property damage lawsuit after a home accident.

  • Contact our no win no fee solicitors for instant no obligation advice.
  • Report your property damage.
  • Gather evidence to support your claim.
  • Filing a claim.
  • Estimate possible settlement amounts.
  • Pursue Settlement.
  • Court proceedings if settlement is not reached.

Time Limits For Making A No Win No Fee Property Damage Compensation Claim

General time limits for most claims is within three year. To have a successful personal injury claim process and get maximum compensation, you must report the issue on time within 3 years from the date of the incident. This is to ensure you have enough time for court proceedings and to have a valid claim. In the event that the time limit for your claim elapsed, your claim may no longer be valid.

We may be able to assist you with a no win no fee compensation claim, if your claim is still within the time limit. Other times a solicitor will give you a time frame based on the severity of the injuries or damages done to you.

How Much Will A No Win No Fee Solicitor Charge After Settlement? 

A No win no fee solicitor can help you recover 100% compensation in settlement for damages caused if you are eligible. Usually, in a conditional fee agreement a solicitor will charge you 25% from the maximum compensation amount awarded to you.

If a no win no fee solicitor wins your claim, then a ‘Success Fee’ will be deducted from the damages awarded. We take on your claim if it has a high chance of success after accessing and reviewing the circumstances. Contact us to begin your no win fee property damage claim process today.

Why Choose Us As Your No Win No Fee Property Damage Solicitor?

You need not stress about the claims process because our housing disrepair solicitors london no win no fee got you covered. We offer you legal advice and all the support you need to help you better understand how to proceed with a no win no fee property damage claim.

If you are looking to claim for property damage compensation on a no win no fee basis, get in touch with our housing disrepair solicitors today. If you choose us as your No Win No fee solicitor, we guarantee that:

  • We are an experienced law firm with qualified lawyers.
  • We are dedicated lawyers who seek justice for everyone with years of experience under our belt.
  • We offer all our eligible clients initial free advice on how to claim compensation.
  • We are a team of no win no fee solicitors and you don’t have to worry about expensive financial costs.
  • We get one hundred percent compensation settlement for our clients.
  • We give you frequent updates concerning the progress of your claim.
  • Our no win no fee solicitors will do all the hard work for you. They are available to start the legal claim process to pursue compensation immediately.

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Landlord Maintenance Responsibilities For Damp and Mould

What Exactly Is Housing Disrepair?

Housing Disrepair occurs when a rented apartment is unsafe to live in as a result of damages from lack of repair. The apartment you live in must be of good standard and free from all health risks. Housing disrepair can cause tenants a lot of inconveniences.


Sometimes due to Landlord’s negligence the structure of the building can be affected which can cause discomfort or injury to the occupants. If you live in a rented accommodation it is the duty of your landlord as required by law to repair  any structural damage including damp and mould.

What Is Increasing Damp And Mould?

A damp is caused by too much moisture that retains water in the building, causing black moulds to form on the walls of the apartment. Damps are classified into three main parts, including rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation. 

Rising damp conditions can be detrimental to the health of the occupants especially if it is not repaired immediately. Damps are very rampant in most UK houses.

Damps happens when:

  • There is accumulation of warm moist air or lack of ventilation. Steams can accumulate to form damps if there is no provision for outdoor air to get in.

    Moist air can come from cooking, hot baths and colder rooms. It can affect walls, furniture, brickworks or even your basement. 

  • Usage By Tenants. This kind of damp issue may arise due to the lifestyle of the tenants in the apartment which may sometimes be their fault and not the landlord’s.
  • Roof Tiles Are Broken.
    Broken roof tiles can cause water to be absorbed, penetrating into walls and other areas in the house.
  • There Are Broken Pipes or leakages and No Guttering where water gets through. 

Effects of Mould and how to deal with It

Mould is a fungi that poses a health risk such as infection, allergies and other injuries. It rises when the humidity in the atmosphere is high. The difference in temperature can sometimes cause Mould to appear in parts of the building. 

When water soaks up, it triggers the growth of mould. Report issue immediately to have it treated to avoid spread to other parts of the building.

  • Health Risk.
    It can be harmful to tenants. Moulds must be removed immediately to avoid further spread and health risk. Mould exposure can lead to various respiratory problems, infections & other allergies as studies have shown.
  • Discoloration of walls and bad smell. Moulds can deface your property unless it is properly cleaned out. A replaster and other renovations may be required. 
  • Reduces property value. Damps and moulds can reduce the value of your property by thousands. If a landlord is looking to get more value for their property then they must invest in getting an expert to correct the problem.

Landlord Maintenance Responsibilities For Damp and Mould

Do you know that treating damp issues in your property is a compulsory repair? Your home must be safe to live in and your landlord is responsible for maintaining the damp and mould in your rented property. 

If a damp problem is not addressed on time, it may result to mould which can affect your health. Sometimes it may be difficult to identify the root cause of damp problems especially if it is caused by careless usage by the tenants.

Your landlord’s duty is to ensure your property is free from any disrepair issues like damps and Moulds.These responsibilities are backed by legal obligations that state the landlord’s Maintenance responsibilities For Damp and Mould. 

  • Fix broken roof tiles.
  • Repair Holes and cracks in the building.
  • Open gutters and drainage.
  • Treat Rust and cavities.
  • Address Plumbing, leaking & sweating pipes.
  • Fix Faulty gaskets and outdoor insulation.
  • Replace valves and rubber seals.
  • Correct water risks. Stop water from entering the apartment.
  • Repair a bad heating system.
  • Fix Peeling walls and ceilings.
  • Renovate flaking walls.
  • Landlord must ensure there is good ventilation in the apartment.
  • Ensure correct diagnosis of the problem caused by rising damp and penetrating damp conditions.

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Does The Landlord And Tenant Act Of 1985 affect damp?

It is the responsibility of the landlord to ensure measures are put in place to correct damp and Mould issues. These obligations for repair are highlighted in section 11 of the landlord and tenant Act of 1985. 

  • It states that all structures must be kept in good working condition. So damps are also exterior issues that affect the entire structure of the building. When not treated and it forms moulds, then it is an issue with the structure as well and can cause health problems to the occupants.
  • According to the 2004 housing act, the external structures of an apartment include: The roof, doors, walls & windows outside the building etc.

How To Claim Compensation From Your Landlord?

A tenant can claim for housing disrepair and even sue their landlord for poor living conditions. Depending on the severity of the problem a compensation can be given to you. Housing disrepair problems are unique to every tenant depending on the result of injury caused. 

If your landlord has failed to repair damps and it has resulted to Mould issues that poses a threat to your health there are several ways to make a claim.

  • Discomfort.
    You may be eligible for compensation for housing disrepair if the damage caused inconveniences for you and your family members.You Landlord may be liable for all inconveniences caused by negligence on his part. A standard living condition should not cause any discomfort to inhabitants.
  • Damage To Personal Property.
    If it causes damage to your personal belongings like furniture in the apartment then you can take legal action after reporting the problem to your landlord or local council. If the landlord is aware of Mould or damps but is reluctant to treat it as an emergency then you can seek advice from an expert solicitor here
  • Personal Health Risk.

    If it affects your physical, mental health then you can make a claim. With a written report from a health practitioner, a tenant can make a  claim against a landlord.


What Is A No Win No Fee Housing Disrepair Claim?

A no win no fee housing disrepair claim is a legal service where the claimant is not required to pay upfront for a case. You can claim for housing disrepair caused by  damps and moulds.

At housing disrepair claim we offer a no win no fee housing disrepair claim. Our no win no fee solicitors property damage can help you get compensation for your housing disrepair claims. We can give you a free claim assessment when you call our helpline today 0800 9997 440


Who Can Help With My Housing Disrepair Claims?

Professional solicitors can fight for you if there is any negligence on the part of the landlord or housing association in your locality. We can help you claim for the compensation and justice you deserve.

Find The best housing disrepair solicitors, call our housing disrepair helpline today  0800 9997 440.

We are a no win no fee housing disrepair claims solicitors available to work you through the process by providing the legal support you need.

What is housing disrepair claim?

Housing disrepair claims have to do with legal action taken by a tenant against a landlord for failure to repair damages. At housingdisrepairclaim.co.uk we give you the best advice on how to lay your claim.

Can I sue my landlord for unsafe living conditions?

YES, especially if your landlord is aware of the problem. Neglect can cause harm to your wellbeing so be sure to report the issue to him again or call our friendly solicitors for the best advice 0800 9997 440

Can I get compensation for Mould issues in my rented property?

Yes, our experienced housing disrepair solicitors can help you make a claim.

What Is A No Win No Fee Housing Disrepair Claim?

A no win no fee housing disrepair claim is when you are not required to pay a fee until you win the case.

Does my insurance cover damp?

Maintenance issues may not be covered in Landlord insurance.

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How Do Housing Disrepair Solicitors Help In Emergency?

Housing Disrepair Solicitors

Imagine there is a crisis or an urgent need of help because of a disrepair, all you need to do is contact a housing disrepair solicitor immediately.

Taking quick legal action against your landlord for housing disrepair may seem difficult but there is help available. With the legal assistance of housing disrepair claim solicitors, taking quick action on disrepair claims becomes easy.


What exactly is housing disrepair?

Housing disrepair means a rented property that is in need of repair in order for it to be safe and suitable for tenants to live in.

start a claim

If you are a tenant living in rented accommodation, your landlord is required by law to ensure:

  • That the house you live in is in a good state of repair structurally
  • That your house is free from damp and mould
  • That your drains and gutters are clear and working as they should be
  • That you have a working heating system
  • That you have safe access to electricity, gas and water
  • That you have working sanitation facilities i.e. toilet, basins, sinks, etc.
  • That your home is free from vermin or insect infestation

In a house where repairs or works are needed, if the landlord fails to carry out the work within a reasonable amount of time after the issues are reported by you, then this could be considered housing disrepair.

What repairs constitute housing disrepair?

Housing disrepair can include:

  • Damp
  •  Mould
  •  Condensation
  •  Leaks: mostly from roofs
  •  Missing or loose tiles
  •  Structural cracks
  •  Insect and rodent infestation
  •  Poor ventilation: Includes faulty air conditioners. 
  •  Boiler issues: Which could cause unavailability of running or hot water or heating.

Housing disrepair responsibility falls to the landlord whether you’re a social tenant living in either a housing association or council-owned properties, or a private tenant with a private landlord.

Nobody should have to accept poor living conditions. The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation Act) means that repairs are now contractual and any breach of contract allows the tenant to take legal action.

When can I start my claim?

You can start court action to claim compensation during your tenancy or up to 6 years after it ends. Disrepair claims can be pursued for a number of reasons, whether you’ve injured yourself because of broken tiles, have developed breathing issues because of mould, or have been put at serious risk because of a boiler fault. If you’ve experienced landlord problems and  you are living in, or have lived in, a rented property that was in disrepair, you may be able to make a claim against your landlord.

If your rented  property falls into disrepair, sometimes, you may require a more urgent emergency repair. This is necessary because disrepairs in such instances may even lead to more distressing conditions for example life-threatening health issues and if not fixed. To start your claim during your tenancy, you can ask the court to order your landlord to carry out immediate repair works as it could be fatal to the health of you and your family. 

However, before you start a claim, you must have reported the faults/issues to your Landlord in order to take court action for compensation. For this reason you may prefer to start a repair only claim to enable urgent fix.

What can I claim for?

You can make a claim for compensation if repair problems in your rented property:

  • made you or someone in your property ill
  • damaged your belongings
  • caused you inconvenience
  • caused you harm or injury
  • caused you loss of finance

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You can also claim compensation if you haven’t been able to use your property in the normal way because of repair problems. Our specialist housing disrepair solicitors are here to help you use your tenant’s rights to regain any financial loss and ensure your landlord is held accountable for their actions.

Landlord’s responsibilities

It is your legal right as a tenant to live in an apartment without damp, leaks, broken boiler, rodent infestation, broken window. So you really have no need to worry about how to claim compensation from your landlord. If you have reported any of these issues to your landlord, and they have not been fixed, you are eligible to claim for disrepair.

Your landlord is legally responsible to maintain your rented property by doing the following:

  • Replacing faulty or broken appliances such as circuit switch.
  • Repairing all water and gas leaks.
  • Ensuring that your home is free from damp and mould
  • Ensuring that boilers are working and meets safety standards.
  • Carrying out repairs.

Failure to meet these legal obligations means that your landlord is in breach of his duties which can put you or your household at risk in ways which includes:

  • Injuries such as cuts, bruises and fractures caused by falling due to poorly maintained floors.
  • Fatalities caused by electrical faults and gas leaks.
  • Aggravated health issues on your or other occupants of your home.
  • Respiratory issues such as asthma, difficulty in breathing and other breathing challenges caused by damp and mould.

It is necessary that you take immediate legal action and you can count on us at housingdisrepairclaim.co.uk to help you.

Making an emergency disrepair claim

If you notice a damage in your rented property you should report it immediately to the landlord. In a situation in which the landlord fails to respond to your disrepair claims, please contact us so that we can advise you on the necessary steps to take on how to claim compensation from your landlord.

Any damage to your property that negatively impacts your  health, affects your mental state or leads to unplanned financial losses may be eligible for a claim. Whether its a faulty boiler, plumbing issues, issue with roof leaks or defective machines, bring your case to us.

We have a lot of experience in dealing with housing disrepair claims and will act on your behalf to get a positive outcome. Feel free to contact us on our housing disrepair helpline or fill out our form for a free assessment.

Housing disrepair solicitors in emergency disrepair situations 

A housing disrepair solicitor is a legal practitioner who specializes in providing advice and representation to tenants in relation to claiming compensation for poor standards of maintenance in homes or properties.

If your rented property has fallen into disrepair, you are entitled to have repairs carried out at your landlord’s cost. Most landlords will accept to pay your compensation and/or carry out the necessary repairs. Housing disrepair solicitors are not restricted to tenants in private rented property, they also assist social housing tenants who are in urgent need of professional assistance.

In cases where you are in urgent need of a disrepair there is no “short cut”, the following steps should be taken;

  • Informing your landlord about your disrepair claims and seek immediate repair
  • When such repair is not attended to, you should immediately contact a housing solicitor
  • The housing solicitor would quickly seek a claim for disrepair and would ensure that your disrepair claims are sorted immediately.

What is a No Win No Fee?

A no win, no fee agreement is a contractual agreement between a solicitor and client who is pursuing a civil claim. Usually the agreement is that if the client is not successful in pursuing their claim, then there are no legal fees for them to pay. With no win no fee, there are no hidden clauses and no hidden charges, everything is explained upfront. 

A no win no fee solicitors agreement, also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), helps protect you from financial risk when making a claim. And our housing disrepair solicitors london offer no win no fee contract for your claims.

No Win No Fee Claims Process

  • First step – contact our no win no fee housing solicitors for an initial consultation.
  • Next we will obtain details about your housing disrepair claims.
  • Our no win no fee solicitors will ask you questions and obtain details from you of any losses or expenses you have incurred as a result of your housing disrepairs.
  • If you have a case, our no win no fee housing solicitors will talk you through the next steps.

Importance of hiring no win no fee solicitors

Generally, solicitors play an important role in our society by supporting, and giving voice to patients in need of urgent repairs. And  aside from their obvious skill and working conditions, no win no fee housing solicitors offer you lots of benefits when helping with your disrepair claims. 

With these solicitors on your side, you incur no extra financial burdens. A no win no fee housing solicitor will file for emergency housing disrepair claim on your behalf and with their experience and skill, will help you get settlement for your housing disrepair claims.

Contact no win no fee solicitors for property damage or any other disrepair issues immediately a disrepair is noticed. Make your mind up today!!!


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COVID-19 And the Rise of Housing Disrepair Claims in the UK

Claim For Disrepair

Whether you or a loved one has been infected with the coronavirus disease or not, the pandemic will affect your life in some way. If you are a landlord or tenant, you may now be adjusting to a new normal when it comes to housing. Before the pandemic, many landlords – particularly housing associations and local authority – were already having a hard time fulfilling their repair obligations towards their tenants, probably due to the increasing maintenance costs or ageing housing stock. But how has the pandemic played a role in housing disrepair claims?

Claim For Disrepair

This struggle is set to increase as landlords come to terms with the challenge of carrying out repairs and complying with government guidance. When the ‘exit plan’ from the lockdown was set by the Prime Minister on 10 May 2020, people who could not work from home were encouraged to go to work only if they believed it was safe to do so. Shortly after, the Minister of State for Housing addressed the issue of repair and maintenance in a letter sent to social housing residents in England. The letter states that “landlords should be able to carry out the routine as well as essential repairs for most households.

As far as repair and maintenance obligations go, nothing has changed. Landlords are still required to carry out works “within a reasonable time” once there is a defect. In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, “reasonable time” should be taken into account. The courts are now employing a practical approach towards resolving claims for disrepair. However, if you encounter disrepair issues as a tenant, you should notify your landlord the usual way.

While there is a decline in disrepair claims due to the current restrictions, the number of tenants taking landlords to court will likely increase as the situation eases. Good communication and record keeping between tenants and landlords will be crucial.

The Landlord’s Responsibility

Landlords have a duty to ensure their tenants live in clean, safe and habitable conditions. This means an adequate supply of water, gas, and electricity, especially with the threat posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, it is your right as a tenant to report any issues affecting your living conditions.

The Ministry for Justice’s Pre-Action Protocol for Housing Conditions Cases (England) provides a guidepost concerning how landlords should handle repair and maintenance works. However, the current COVID-19 climate means following these guidelines to the letter will be affected by:

  • 2m physical distancing
  • furloughed workers
  • tenants, housing officers, tradesmen and surveyors self-isolating.

Once a letter of claim for disrepair has been issued by a tenant, the landlord is expected to respond within 20 working days of receipt of the letter. If the landlord fails to respond within 20 working days of receiving the letter of claim, he/she has breached the protocol and disrepair solicitors can act on behalf of the tenant to issue proceedings against the landlord.

Existing Housing Disrepair Issues

Where a housing disrepair issue was reported to a landlord prior to the lockdown, “reasonable period” will now depend on when the issue was reported.

For instance, if a tenant reported a disrepair problem in January and the landlord failed to carry out the necessary inspection and repairs before the COVID-19 enforced restriction on 23 March 2020, the landlord will be deemed negligent. A reasonable landlord could have acted promptly and completed the maintenance work before the lockdown; so, despite the current situation of things, the tenant may be able to pursue a claim for disrepair.

If, on the other hand, the tenant reported an issue only a few days before the restrictions were put in place, the landlord would likely request for more time as they did not have a “reasonable period” to undertake inspection and maintenance works before the lockdown.

Housing Disrepair Claims During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Since the severity of rental property damage is on a case by case basis, it is the duty of a landlord to determine whether a repair or maintenance work is urgent. In light of the current situation, here are a few factors that relevant parties in a disrepair case should consider the following:

  • Risk assessment should be done to determine whether a repair is urgent or can be postponed to a later, more practical time. For instance, the tenant may have to vacate the rental property during the repair process; doing this at this time when social distancing is crucial may be impractical. Therefore, the landlord may request for more time, stating the reason for the delay.
  • Whether the alleged disrepair is detrimental to the health and safety of a tenant or poses long-term danger. Repair works should be done to eliminate those risks.
  • The availability of building materials and when repair works can be completed as a result.

Contact Housing Disrepair Solicitors

If you are a tenant – whether this be in a council, housing association or private property – it is the duty of your landlord to keep your house in a good state of repair. If you have reported a disrepair to your landlord, and he/she has failed to carry out the works, causing you inconvenience or even health problems, then you may be entitled to a claim for disrepair.

At the peak of the pandemic, landlords were required to give urgent attention to issues like leaks in the roof, security breaches (broken windows, external doors, etc.), and heating or hot water problems. With the government’s planned four-week lockdown ahead of the festive period, your landlord’s responsibility remains the same. They must ensure your rented property is safe and habitable.

We work with a panel of specialist housing disrepair solicitors who have the knowledge and experience required to act on behalf of poorly treated tenants, even at this difficult time. They will handle your case with great care and professionalism.

No Win No Fee Housing Disrepair Claims

Our specialist solicitors will likely offer to work with you on a No Win No Fee basis if you have suffered harm as a result of your landlord’s negligence. A No Win No Fee agreement simply means that you wouldn’t have to pay any legal fees unless your case is successful. This allows normal members of society to be able to pursue housing disrepair claims without having to worry about the cost of funding a claim.

A No Win No Fee agreement gives you the confidence that our no win no fee housing solicitors will do everything possible to ensure your claim is successful, as we would not receive anything if you lose. If your claim is successful, you will be required to pay a success fee to your chosen law firm. The success fee is a percentage of your final compensation award – and the amount will be agreed between you and your solicitors at the start of your claim. It ranges from 0-25% of your compensation award.

Contact Us Today

At housingdisrepairclaim.co.uk, we offer expert legal support and advice on housing disrepair related matters, including how to claim compensation from landlord at this difficult time posed by the pandemic. Our disrepair solicitors will be happy to discuss details of your case, and provide answers to any questions you may have as regards making a No Win No Fee housing disrepair claim.

During these trying times, it can be challenging to determine what could qualify as a potential ground for a claim. Our expert solicitors will help you understand what steps you need to take at this time and, if a claim is made on your behalf, keep you fully informed about the progress of the claim every step of the way.

For specialist legal support on pursuing a No Win No Fee housing disrepair claim following negligent treatment from your landlord, do not hesitate to give us a call in confidence on 0800 999 7440.


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