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Ultimate Guide On Housing Disrepair Solicitors

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Has your landlord ignored urgent repairs in your home? Sadly, a lot of tenants dwell in unsuitable conditions that can negatively impact their health and the well-being of their loved ones. You don’t have to suffer in silence anymore because you have every legal right to live in a safe place, free from disrepair. If you have decided to make a claim for compensation, find out how we can help you in this ultimate guide.

 Housing Disrepair Solicitors

Housing disrepair solicitors understand the nitty-gritty of investigating and pursuing disrepair claims. They know how to get you the maximum settlement you deserve. In this ultimate guide on housing disrepair solicitors, we will explain why you need solicitors and also show you the best way to find a legal representative to help you with your case. 

Before you contact our best housing disrepair solicitors, try to resolve the issue with your landlord first. At housingdisrepairclaim.co.uk, we provide tenants with the best advice relating to housing disrepair claims. If your landlord has failed to complete repairs in your house that have caused injury and damage, you may be entitled to claim compensation and get repairs done.

 Housing Disrepair

Housing disrepair is a rented property in need of repairs to be fit and safe for occupants. If you’re a tenant living under unsafe conditions, you may be entitled to compensation for any injuries or inconveniences. Landlords are obligated by law to ensure that their rental property is suitable for tenants to live in.

When a landlord fails to carry out repairs, a tenant can take legal action by making a housing disrepair claim. A Housing disrepair claim is a lawsuit that allows affected tenants to claim compensation and get repairs done in their rental property. 

To claim housing compensation, a tenant must have reported disrepair issues to the landlord and given them reasonable time to work on repairs. Before you bring a claim, ensure that you have tried resolving the problem with your landlord, and if he still ignores you then the court can force him to carry out necessary repairs and also compensate you for inconveniences.

What Are Common Housing Disrepair Problems?

Most housing disrepair claims in the UK result from the negligence of landlords who ignore repairs or neglect the maintenance of their property. Disrepair problems such as:

  • Cracks On Walls.
  • Blocked Drains.
  • Broken Doors, Windows Or Gates.
  • Pest Control Problems.
  • Poor Ventilation.
  • Faulty Heating System.
  • Faulty Electrical Wiring.
  • Water Leaks.
  • Mold And Damp.
  • Gas Leaks.
  • Structural Defects.

Who Can Help You with Your Housing Disrepair Claims?

Housing disrepair solicitors are well-trained legal professionals who provide legal support and represent tenants in housing-related claims for compensation, due to poor living conditions Disrepair claims by tenants.

You need the help of an experienced housing disrepair solicitor if your home has been damaged due to disrepair and your landlord isn’t doing anything about it. A solicitor can help you pursue maximum compensation for your injuries and damages.

Our housing disrepair solicitors are specialists in disrepair cases and they have rescued so many tenants from the hands of their negligent landlords by claiming compensation and getting repairs done. They can offer you initial free legal advice.

Tenant’s Rights & Responsibilities In Housing Disrepair.

A landlord can be directly or indirectly responsible for the disrepair in your home. When you move into a new rental apartment, you have rights and responsibilities usually outlined in your tenancy agreement. 

Whether you are a housing association or private tenant, you have a legal right to bring a housing disrepair claim and get compensation if you’ve been injured. Tenants can sue their private landlord or housing association if the disrepair in their rental property is not dealt with on time. Tenants Rights include:

  • Legal right to stay in a rental property in good repair.
  • Right to know the landlord’s identity.
  • Right to get back your tenancy deposit at the end of your stay. This should be kept securely by the landlord during the period of tenancy.
  • Right to live in a rented apartment undisturbed.
  • Right to be protected from unlawful eviction.
  • Right to challenge excessive billing or unfair rent increments.
  • The right to have the rental apartment’s energy performance certificate.
  • Right to have a written contract for rentals over 3 years.
  • The right to have a written agreement if you have a fixed-term tenancy of more than three years.

Just like landlords, tenants have their own responsibilities when it comes to repairs and the general condition in your rental property such as: looking after your rental apartment or keeping it neat. You are expected to manage the home up to some reasonable standard, not better than when you moved in. Tenant’s responsibilities include:

  • Tenants are responsible for keeping the property in good condition like running routine safety checks on electrical appliances and changing smoke alarm batteries.
  • Tenants are responsible for paying their rent on time, including other charges such as utility bills.
  • Tenants are also responsible for minor maintenance such as outdoor gardening.
  • Tenants are liable for reporting issues in the property, especially urgent repairs.
  • Tenants must grant access to the property when the need arises, whether for inspection or repairs.
  • Tenants are not liable for normal wear and tear in a rented property.
  • Tenants are responsible for damages that cause.
  • Tenants are responsible for other minor repairs in their tenancy agreement such as fixing their personal property like furniture.


Housing Disrepair Claims And The Pre-Action Protocol

Before pursuing a housing despair case, claimants must go through the specified procedure known as the Pre-Action Protocol for Housing Disrepair. Failure to adhere to the Pre-Action Protocol can have serious consequences such as the court rejecting your claim or fining you. No tenant would want to have such an outcome for their case, this is why you will need the help of expert housing disrepair solicitors london no win no fee to guide you through the claim process.

  • The Pre-Action Protocol compels tenants to send a written notice to caution the landlord about your decision if the disrepair problems are not resolved. You must have given the landlord a verbal warning before this notice with enough time to carry out necessary repairs. 
  • A tenant should only make a housing disrepair claim if the landlord has ignored their request for repairs.
  • Under the pre-action protocol, a landlord has about twenty working days to respond to a tenant’s report and if he fails to take action, a lawsuit can be made. Our Housing Disrepair Solicitors can help you with your claim.

Are There Things That You Can’t Bring A Housing Disrepair Claim For?

Yes. You cannot bring a housing disrepair claim if the damage done to your rental property was not caused by disrepair. This means that if a disrepair claim arises from a basic defect in your rental property which doesn’t result from disrepair, you may not be able to bring a housing disrepair claim for such. 

Consequently, tenants may be allowed to bring a claim under the environmental health regulation or the 2018 homes fitness for human habitation Act. The home fitness for human habitation Act is a new law that was enforced on the 20th of March 2019, to ensure that all rental properties or houses are suitable for habitation by tenants. This means that the structure is safe and free from hazards.

Funding A Housing Disrepair Claim

Unexpected legal costs may discourage tenants from pursuing a compensation claim against their negligent landlords. But with no win no fee housing claim solicitors, it’s possible to make a claim without stressing about paying legal fees upfront. However, this type of funding may not be available in all housing disrepair cases. Other housing disrepair funding options that may be available to you are:

  • Legal Aid: Unexpected legal costs can be a drawback but you may be eligible for legal aid which can help ease any financial burdens. Only tenants experiencing severe cases of housing disrepair may qualify for legal aid such as living under poor housing conditions that could be a threat to your health. Our no win no fee solicitors property damage can help tenants get repairs done and help you claim compensation if you want to sue landlord for mold uk
  • Public Funding: Disrepair litigation can be expensive for tenants to fund by themselves. However, public funding may be available when bringing housing association disrepair claims. It is only available in a situation where the tenant lives in a dangerous place that can result in injury or harm. This means that only urgent/ risky disrepair claims can qualify for public funding. Find out your eligibility for housing disrepair claims Manchester and across the UK. Reach out to our Housing Disrepair Solicitors today.

How To Establish Housing Disrepair Claims.

Unfortunately, so many tenants live in unsafe conditions that can have a negative effect on their health and the safety of their household. However, not all tenants can bring a housing disrepair claim for compensation. If the disrepair problem links to a basic defect in the rented house instead of the structure in disrepair, you may not be able to establish a claim. 

A claim does not exist if the repair issue is inherent damage. When making a housing disrepair claim, you must be able to show that:

  • The Disrepair Was Anticipated: You need to prove that the landlord was aware of repair issues in the property after being notified severally by the tenant. Collate all correspondence between you and your landlords such as emails, exchange of letters or written notices.
  • The Damage Caused By Disrepair Could Have Been Avoided: If you have reported repairs to your landlord for several months but he hasn’t done anything about it, speak with our housing disrepair solicitors no win no fee legal representatives.

What Can Tenants Claim In Compensation For Housing Disrepair?

Before making a claim for compensation you must have shown the dilapidating condition in your rental apartment which your landlord has failed to fix. Proving that living conditions can seriously affect your life and that of your family members. Once the facts are established, you may be able to claim compensation for damages such as:

  • Personal Injury Caused By Disrepair: Living in bad condition can cause you ill health. You can claim compensation for any injuries you suffered as a result of housing disrepair. This may include compensation for medical expenses, loss of income or compensation for pain and suffering.
  • Damage To Personal Property: If you experienced damp and mold in your rental apartment that had damaged your personal belongings such as furniture, carpets, clothes you may be able to get compensation. Gather photos of damaged belongings, and if you needed to replace some items you need to prove it by showing receipts.
  • Damages For Other Inconveniences: Housing Disrepair Solicitors can help you claim compensation for Inconveniences resulting from disrepair. It can be payable in cash or rent reduction for the period of time you suffered disruption in the apartment.

How Can We Be Of Help?

We can claim compensation on your behalf and get repairs done. Our housing Disrepair Solicitors can help you investigate your claim against your negligent landlord and ensure repairs are fixed. However, the amount of compensation you might receive is often determined by the extent of damage and the severity of your injury. The final compensation we can claim on your behalf ranges between 25 to 50 percent of your rent.


Why Choose Our Specialist Housing Disrepair Solicitors?

Your first port of call when you experience disrepair in your rental apartment is to seek legal advice. Finding an experienced housing solicitor can make the claim process easier for you. 

We have a team of the best housing disrepair solicitors, who are also no win no fee housing solicitors. They are willing to take on your case without any upfront fees. Contact us via our housing disrepair helpline on 0800 999 7440 to get started.

When you contact our housing disrepair solicitors, they will take you through the step-by-step process to bring you the desired outcome.

  • They Will Access Your Case.
  • Offer An Initial Free Advice On Your Case.
  • Review Your Tenancy Agreement.
  • Instruct Expert Surveyors To Inspect Your House And Spot Repairs.
  • Arrange A Specialist Report.
  • Collect Relevant Evidence.
  • Contact Your Landlord.
  • Negotiate Maximum Settlement.
  • Claim Compensation And Get Repairs Done
  • Start Court Proceedings.
  • Assign A Housing Disrepair Solicitor.
  • Ensure All Repairs Are Carried Out Completely.

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