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Tue Aug 31 | 7:57 AM

Housing Disrepair Claims Manchester Guide

Housing disrepair refers to a condition where an individual’s rented property is not in ideal living conditions being in a state where it needs repairs for the comfort and safety of the occupants. ...

Thu Aug 26 | 1:00 PM

How to Get Compensation for Disrepair and Poor Conditions

Housing disrepair can cause you stress, inconvenience, and even ill-health. If your rented property is in a state of disrepair, you may be eligible to make a claim for disrepai...

Mon Aug 23 | 6:49 AM

Tips for Claiming Compensation for A Damp Home

Has penetrating damp caused you to suffer harm and/or financial losses in your rented property? Typically, it is a landlord’s responsibility to address mould and damp caused by housing disrepair; if they fail in thi...

Thu Aug 19 | 11:57 AM

How Solicitors Help Tenants with Compensation Claims in Manchester

Every tenant across the country has the right to live in a property that is fit for human habitation. This means that the property must be in a good state of repair, and free from anything that could cause harm to t...

Tue Aug 17 | 9:40 AM

A Complete Guide For Landlords And Tenants In UK

Are you considering going into the rental market as a landlord? If yes, this guide is for you. On the other hand, if you are a tenant looking to hire a rental property, you also need this guide to make the right dec...

Tue Aug 10 | 7:21 AM

Landlord Maintenance Responsibilities For Damp and Mould

What Exactly Is Housing Disrepair?

Housing Disrepair occurs when a rented apartment is unsafe to live in as a result of damages from lack of repair. The apartment you...

Thu Jun 3 | 7:17 AM

A Guide To Accident & Injury from Housing Disrepair Claims

Every landlord or housing association is legally obligated by law to repair and maintain a property they own. The common law states that any rented property must be risk-free for occupants and visitors at all times....

Thu May 13 | 6:53 AM

Avoid Being Exposed To Housing Disrepair Claims

A disrepair means unsafe, hazardous condition of a property that lacks repair. A disrepair can pose a health risk to occupants especially if it involves issues with damps and moulds. If your rented property is in ne...

Thu Apr 22 | 6:17 AM

What Are Housing Disrepair Protocols ?

Usually, in most tenancy agreements or leases the landlord is responsible for repairing and maintaining the exterior structure and common parts of a building. Even if this is not spelt out in your agreement, landlor...

Fri Apr 16 | 6:46 AM

Housing Disrepair Claims & Compensation Solicitors in London

You have a legal right as a tenant to live in a home that is not dangerous and free from any issues of disrepair which can tend to harm you or your family. If you are living in a rented property that has been poorly...

Wed Apr 14 | 11:03 AM

Pre-Action Protocol for Housing Condition Claims

The Pre-Action Protocol for Housing Disrepair Cases brings clarity for disrepair claims – as well as the roles parties to a housing disrepair case should play before court proc...

Mon Apr 5 | 9:47 AM

How is My Housing Disrepair Claim Valued?

As a tenant in a rented property, you deserve to live in a home that is safe and fit for purpose. Unfortunately, some landlords fail to fulfill their responsibility towards their tenants, and this can have devastati...

Thu Mar 18 | 7:29 AM

What Housing Repair My Landlord Is Responsible For?

Your Landlord is responsible for most of your home repair needs. Whether it is included in your tenancy agreement or not, your landlord is usually liable for fixing most damages. Tenants also have responsibilities i...

Mon Mar 8 | 6:35 AM

Make Housing Association Disrepair Claims

Housing disrepair constitutes a host of housing issues that range from broken or blocked drainage to broken heaters and radiators, collapsed ceilings and roof, molds and damp on the walls and floors, bug infestation...

Wed Feb 24 | 6:35 AM

No Win No Fee For Housing Disrepair Claims In The UK

Everyone has the legal right to live in a well maintained and secure property. In most tenancy agreements, the landlord is required to ensure that  the property doesn’t fall into disrepair. If your rented home is in...

Wed Feb 10 | 10:02 AM

How Do Housing Disrepair Solicitors Help In Emergency?

Imagine there is a crisis or an urgent need of help because of a disrepair, all you need to do is contact a housing disrepair solicitor immediately. Taking quick legal actio...

Thu Feb 4 | 9:18 AM

Housing Disrepair Compensation

Due to tenants concerns about eviction, most legitimate housing disrepair claims are not pursued against landlords. Well, this is understandable but from a legal view, this should not cause despair. The law is on yo...

Thu Jan 21 | 12:55 PM

How To Claim Compensation for Disrepair in Social Housing?

Living in a rented property that has fallen into disrepair could pose hazardous and life-threatening harm to normal living. What is even worse is when your landlord has refused to or is feeling unconcerned about you...

Wed Nov 18 | 12:17 PM

COVID-19 And the Rise of Housing Disrepair Claims in the UK

Whether you or a loved one has been infected with the coronavirus disease or not, the pandemic will affect your life in some way. If you are a landlord or tenant, you may now be adjusting to a new normal when it com...

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