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Worried about funding your housing disrepair claims? Disrepair claims by tenants may be covered by legal aid if they can establish the fact that the disrepair problem in their rental property poses a risk to their wellbeing. Filing a disrepair lawsuit may be your best option to get your landlord’s attention as it allows you to take action and get things done around your home.

 Legal‌ ‌Aid‌ ‌For‌ Housing Disrepair Solicitors

If a pending disrepair issue in your house has caused you or anyone living with you any health problems, you may qualify for a personal injury compensation. Our Housing Disrepair Solicitors will review your case and let you know about the best funding option for you. Find out if you qualify for legal aid today, call our housing disrepair helpline.

What To Do If Your Rented Property Is In Disrepair?

Several tenants here in the UK are living below housing standards. Taking legal action against a negligent landlord can seem like a daunting process but would you rather put you and your family at risk? It is expected that your landlord will comply after giving him a reasonable amount of time to complete repairs. Sadly, in most cases they don’t, and it’s possible for them to get legal aid to help support disrepair claims.

Common disrepair issues that tenants complain about include, faulty Heating System, mold and damp, broken pipes, ceilings or stairs, or electrical faults. If you are in this type of situation, and you have reported disrepair to your landlord, you should consider taking further legal action or continue to live in a dangerous place. Our housing disrepair solicitors no win no fee are willing to discuss your housing claim with you.

Housing Disrepair Claims Explained

A Housing disrepair claim is a type of legal action taken by tenants living in private or social housing against a negligent landlord for ignoring repairs or damages in their rental property. The landlord is responsible for most repair work in their property, it must be safe and free from any hazards. 

When a rental property is in disrepair, the tenant usually reports to the landlord and expects them to respond quickly, but most times they don’t. A rental property can easily fall into disrepair if a landlord does nothing to remedy the situation. It gradually deteriorates after weeks or months, causing the tenant to face poor living conditions.

If you’ve been experiencing such living conditions and have reported to your landlord severally without any response, filing a housing disrepair lawsuit can force your landlord to fix repairs and pay you compensation for damages. Landlord negligence has rendered many homes uninhabitable. We understand that this can be such an inconvenience for most tenants. Don’t hesitate to contact us for all your disrepair or other housing matters.

What Exactly Is Legal Aid?

Legal aid is a financial aid given by the government to help people with legal costs, especially those who can’t afford it. Legal aid can help claimants to cover litigation costs such as legal advice, mediation services and other court proceedings. 

You also need to prove your eligibility for legal aid by showing that the disrepair problem is severe and you can’t pay or afford the legal expenses. Below, we have explained the eligibility criteria for legal aid funding in housing disrepair claims. Need help with funding your claim? Reach out to our no win no fee solicitors property damage Legal advisors.

Eligibility Criteria: Legal Aid For Housing Disrepair Claims

  • Means Testing Or Financial Eligibility: After establishing Liability on your health and safety, you need to also show that you have met the financial test requirements such as low income earners. If your gross annual wages is less than £12,400, you could be eligible for legal aid. Additionally, if a claimant’s yearly income is more than £12,400 and if your available income per annum is less than £36,000, they won’t be entitled to legal aid.
  • The Merits Of Your Case: The magnitude and circumstances surrounding your claim determines whether you’re eligible. To get legal aid for housing disrepair claims your case must be a very serious one that threatens your safety or well-being. However, if you’re eligible note that legal aid won’t cover other damages except personal injury.The only exception though is when a landlord decides to make a claim against a tenant. However, funding in this case is handled differently. If you think your physical or mental well-being has been affected by the poor condition of your home, For instance, if you suffered from asthma or any other respiratory disease, this could meet the criteria.
  • The Chances Of Success: You may need to show that your housing disrepair case has over 50% chance of reaching a desired outcome, which is forcing the landlord to accept liability for the harm done to your well-being. A legal advisor will check if you disrepair case will have a favourable outcome.

Can Tenants Get Legal Aid For All Housing Disrepair Claims?

No. If your landlord fails to meet up with his responsibility of providing a safe and properly maintained house for you, you may be entitled to make a claim. However, legal aid is only available in severe disrepair cases, such as tenants living in worse conditions. 

Low income earners can also benefit from legal aid if they apply for a court order to make their home safe without claiming any compensation. For Legal advice on making no win no fee housing disrepair claims Manchester, contact our housing disrepair specialists, especially if you don’t qualify for legal aid. Other reasons tenants may get or qualify for legal aid include:

  • Homelessness.
  • Illegal Eviction Notices.
  • Court Orders.
  • Claims For Possession.
  • Asylum Support.
  • Landlord Negligence.
  • Antisocial Behaviour Cases.


What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Legal Aid Funding For Housing Disrepair Claims?

Advantages for claiming under legal aid funding include:

  • The Legal Aid Agency May Cover Court Fees And Other Legal Expenses Except Legal Representation.
  • Offers You A Limited Legal Protection Against Any Court Orders Even If Your Claim Fails.One drawback or disadvantage of using this type of funding is that:
  • Funding Costs Does Not Cover Legal Representation. You Are Still Responsible For Paying Your Lawyer Fees.

If you suffered damages such as distress or inconveniences during the period of disrepair, you won’t get compensated under this type of funding option. You may consider funding your disrepair claims under other options such as private funding or no win no fee housing claims. Find out more from our  no win no fee housing solicitors.

How Long Does It Take For Legal Aid To Be Approved?

It could take up to one month or longer for the Legal Aid Agency to inform you and your solicitor about the application for funding. However, your housing solicitor can write an application If you need to get legal aid urgently, which takes about three days or longer to get a response. You must contact an expert solicitor to help you apply for legal aid funding. The written application must be submitted by a registered legal representative.

What Are Alternatives To Legal Aid Funding For Housing Disrepair Claims?

If you’re worried about exorbitant legal costs when bringing your housing disrepair claim, there are other alternatives to legal aid funding. This is known as ‘no win no fee arrangement’, where your claim will be processed under a contingency fee agreement between you and a legal firm. 

If you don’t qualify for legal aid, you may be able to bring your claim under a no fee no fee arrangement. In a no win no fee funding, you can claim for damages that are estimated above £10,000 unlike legal aid that requires damages below £10,000. 

This can allow claimants to get compensated for inconveniences, distress and loss they have suffered as a result of disrepair in their rental property. For Legal aid funding you must show that there is a risk to your well-being to claim compensation, but you don’t have to establish this when claiming on a no win no fee basis.


Choosing The Best Housing Disrepair Solicitors?

Whether you are a private tenant or want to claim for housing association disrepair. It is important to first seek legal advice from experienced Housing Disrepair Solicitors London. They are in the best position to know whether or not you could qualify for legal aid as soon as they listen to your case.

If you wish to sue landlord for mold uk or claim compensation for property damage due to disrepair, no win no fee housing claim solicitors can assist you. They are the best housing disrepair solicitors that can help you take action against your negligent landlord.

How Can We Assist?

Should you require further legal advice or assistance regarding funding your disrepair claims, discuss with one of our housing experts. They will figure out other suitable financial options to help you pursue your claim against your landlord. Learn more from our housing disrepair solicitors london no win no fee representatives.

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