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What Do Landlord Associations Actually Do For You?

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Landlord Associations are also known as social housing landlords may or may not be registered. Sometimes, some of these associations may or may not be more interested in helping a particular social group with accommodation. These may be the elderly or disabled people. There are also cases where they may subsidise the rent as part of helping them secure a place.

Accommodations which are owned by these housing associations also include government-owned council housing and other affordable accommodation.

Housing associations in the past were seen as an option for those in the lower financial cadre or those who have a particular need. But now, as it is becoming more expensive to find desirable accommodation in larger cities, these associations provide the best opportunity for renters to get good homes.

Landlord association housing is mostly used as an alternative to housing owned by the local council. In fact, many renters are referred to housing associations through their local authority either because they do not fulfill the criteria for a council owned housing or the housing association available within the area suits the needs of the renter.

Asides provision of housing, there are supported accommodations in the UK run by housing associations. In a supported accommodation, there are additional services provided in addition to housing. This includes assistance with meals, therapy and other day to day care. The residents of supported accommodation are majorly older people, or those with mental health problems or disabilities, etc.

Landlord Associations

Landlord associations now more than ever are being put under the microscope to ensure they provide appropriate value for taxpayer’s money. This comes as the government has been criticized for allowing the services of these associations, become more commercial rather than beneficial to those in need.

In England, there are 1,500 housing associations which provide around 2 million homes for over 5 million residents. These housing associations are overseen by more than 30,000 volunteer committee members


What Social Housing Associations Do For You

Housing associations provide accommodation for renters at affordable prices. These prices however vary based on the areas or region. Most often, rent in a housing association is subsidized to below market value.

Additionally, housing associations can help people who want to buy a property but are unable to pay for the property. They offer shared-ownership schemes for such people to help them get their place.

Furthermore, the fact that you are dealing with a registered and audited company rather than a private landlord can give you more confidence and peace of mind while dealing with them. Also, you have a laid-out procedure to make your complaints if you are mistreated.

In some of the associations, the voluntary committee includes some residents. This all-inclusive approach ensures that residents have a say in the running of their living places.

In England, these housing associations are regulated by the Homes and Community Agency, an executive non-departmental public body which has the responsibility to provide homes and business premises for those that need them. In Scotland, the Scottish Housing Regulator oversees them while the Northern Ireland Housing Executive, and the Welsh Assembly do the same in Northern Ireland and Wales respectively.

In addition to providing housing associations with advice and support, they also carry out regular inspections of the rented properties to ensure that they provide the right service for residents. They also do this to check their financial performance and efficiency.

No Win No Fee Housing Disrepair

Our housing disrepair solicitors have undertaken several disrepair claims by tenants including private housing disrepair claims and housing association disrepair claims.

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Every tenant is entitled to living in a conducive environment and so when these landlord organizations fail in their duty to their tenants, the tenants may have strong grounds for disrepair claims.

Our housing disrepair solicitors in London undertake disrepair claims on a no win no fee basis which means residents wouldn’t have to worry about legal fees before making claims.

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