Make a Claim Against Your Landlord

How To Claim Against Your Landlord For Disrepair

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Every tenant moves into a new property with lots of expectations. An ideal rental property should look like a dream home, not a nightmare. A property that isn’t safe to live in can be a threat to a tenant’s wellbeing. This can be avoided if tenants know that they have a right to better living conditions. 

 Claim Against Your Landlord

If you feel that your rented house is in worse condition and you have reported the unrepair to your landlord yet the situation isn’t improving, you may be eligible to recover damages in housing disrepair claims. If your landlord is not taking any further steps to work on repairs, follow the below guideline on how to claim against your landlord for disrepair.


What Is Considered As Disrepair?

Housing Disrepair is a term used to describe the extent of damage in a rented property that makes it unsuitable for occupants to live in. Housing disrepair occurs when the condition of a house in defect poses a risk to the physical, mental or emotional wellbeing of a tenant. An apartment must always be in a good state of repairs, with all utilities and structures in place to give tenants the best experience all through their stay or period of tenancy.

A house in disrepair is an unsafe rented apartment or property that needs repairs to be carried out before it can be regarded as livable by Tenants. If you currently live in a rental property, the law states that your landlord is responsible for keeping the entire structure in a good condition of repair. He is liable for most of the repair work in your home, especially before you move into the apartment and thereafter.

If your house is in need of repairs and you notify your landlord in writing and he doesn’t respond timely, the apartment can deteriorate. This can ultimately lead to disrepair claims by tenants for property damage, inconveniences and injuries that result from negligence.

Tenant Rights In Housing Disrepair Claims

It can be frustrating to watch a damp wall filled with mold in your rental property. It is especially worse for tenants who work from home and have to deal with disrepair on a daily basis. In recent times there has been a rise in information regarding housing disrepair issues, considering the recent pandemic that has forced landlords and tenants to spend more time indoors. 

If you have reported repair problems to your landlord, but have heard no response from him, potentially you have a right to take legal action against him for Housing Disrepair. A tenant has a right to apply to the court for repairs to be carried out and compensation claimed for damages. Below are some of the tenant’s rights in housing disrepair claims.

  • Tenants have a right to Fire safety.
  • Tenants have a right to Building & structure safety.
  • Tenants have a right to Gas safety.
  • Tenants have a right to Electrical safety.
  • Tenants have a right to Security.
  • Tenants have the right to a peaceful environment.
  • Tenants have the right to not experience illegal rent increments.

Common Reasons To Claim For Disrepair

Some tenants have been made ill by repair issues, others have experienced falls, accidents and disrepair-related injuries because their landlord failed to carry out repairs. Contact our housing association disrepair solicitors if you are facing rising damp or mold in the house landlord responsibility. There are several reasons for a tenant to claim compensation in a rental property, these may include:

  • Vermin.
  • A leaky roof, and inability to use part of your rented house unless fixed.
  • Broken Staircases
  • Broken Dishwasher.
  • Faulty hot water system.
  • Faulty Heater, that you had to replace.
  • Broken Toilet 
  • Cracks To External Walls Left Untreated Causing dampness.
  • Wood lice Infestation Problems.
  • Cracked Internal Walls.
  • Broken & faulty gas boilers.
  • Faulty Electric Wiring.
  • Severe Damp Problems.

Compensation Claims For Damages Caused By Disrepair

A tenant can only claim compensation for disrepair if they suffered damage or loss from the negligence of the Landlord. Claiming compensation from the landlord for mould can help you recover damages for health-related issues or personal properties that were destroyed.

A landlord not doing repairs can cause your rented property to fall into disrepair. Sometimes disrepair claims by tenants may require court application if it is not resolved out of court. If your landlord has refused to fix important repairs in your home within a specific amount of time, you may be eligible to claim compensation. Compensation claims for damages done by disrepair may include:

  • Compensation For Mould And Damp.
  • Rent Reduction Due To Repairs.
  • Compensation For pain and suffering.
  • Compensation For Loss of wages.
  • Compensation For Inconveniences.
  • Compensation For health related issues.
  • Compensation For damages to personal possessions.
  • Compensation For any future expenses.

How To Claim Compensation From Your Landlord For Disrepair

Disrepair claims by tenants are on the increase as many landlords are failing to maintain their houses. It can be discomforting for your landlord to ignore disrepair in your rental property, making it difficult to use part of your home or having to move out unplanned. Negligence on the part of the Landlords can force these rental properties to fall into disrepair.


Issues with rising damp in rented property can lead to several health problems if the landlord is not repairing the property. If your rented house is falling apart and your landlord has ignored repairs, find out how to claim against your landlord for disrepair in these easy steps.

  • Get Specialist Legal Advice From Housing Disrepair Solicitors: 

Seeking legal assistance from a landlord and tenant claims solicitor can provide a quick resolution. With their wealth of experience, they help victims of housing disrepair through the legal procedures to claim for disrepair.

Determine The Type Of Repair Work To Be Done.

No tenant wants to deal with damaged pipes or mould issues in their home and not all landlords are concerned about repairs. This is why it is important to identify the type of repair work to be done by the landlord as part of his responsibility.

Gather Evidence Of Disrepairs.

To support your disrepair claim ensure you have photos of damages, medical reports, receipts of replaced items, letters and all other correspondence.

Notify Your Landlord.

It is also important to notify your landlord or let the agent on time about repairs that you need in your rental property so it can be resolved. You can inform them verbally or via email, then write a note or letter to them thereafter with pictures of damages explaining the disrepair situation in detail.

Other times, complaining verbally may be enough but it is better to get all forms of communication with your landlord in written form as it can serve as evidence should a disrepair claims arise. Send a second letter and give them enough time to respond or carry out repairs. Also warn them about your decision to take legal action if it is not done within a reasonable time frame.

Notify The Environmental Health Department.

If the disrepair has caused you or your loved one ill health, inform your landlord. But if he ignores your complaint, then you should contact the environmental health regulatory authority to have your home inspected and give you a report.

Seek Out An Arbitration Service.

Consider trying a medication service before taking any court action against your landlord. Where all else has failed in resolution then you may proceed to court.

Proceed To Court:

After trying several means to resolve the disrepair problems, you can take legal action to claim compensation and force the landlord to complete repairs. The Negligent landlord will be compelled by the court to carry out repairs if a resolution is not met, and will pay compensation for damages inflicted on tenants. Taking court action should be a last resort as most claims are settled before they reach court proceedings. 

Pursue Compensation.

You may be able to claim for damages to your health if you sustained an injury. Damages for inconveniences caused by disrepair can be factored into your final compensation award.

Claim For Abatement Or Inconveniences.

Unfortunately, if some or all part of your rented house is unusable due to disrepair, then your landlord will have to pay you back for inconveniences or deduct from your rent.

Landlord And Tenant Disrepair Claims Solicitors

Contact us via our housing disrepair helpline if you have a valid claim. Our housing disrepair claims solicitors will review your claim and take you through the process of getting compensation. It is easy to establish a housing disrepair claim, if these three facts can be proven.

That The Landlord Was Aware Of The Situation Beforehand.

If you reported the issue to the landlord and he is aware of the state of disrepair in his property, you can establish a housing disrepair claim. Sometimes tenants, especially in social housing, can report issues multiple times without any response from their landlord. So, if he was notified of the needed maintenance and repairs in the property for several months in a row but does not improve the situation, and it results in dangerous living conditions the tenant can sue their landlord.

That The Damage Caused By Disrepair Could Have Been Avoided.

If the landlord’s actions were intentional and he failed to carry out necessary maintenance out of gross neglect or mere carelessness, then the housing disrepair claim is imminent. 

That The Landlord’s Neglect Led To Injury, Damage Or Loss.

Why Choose Housing Disrepair Claims UK

We can help you, if your landlord ignored your cry for help and your entire property is falling into disrepair.

We are here to support you to ensure you get the maximum compensation you deserve.

We Help you gather all the evidence you need to support your claim against your negligent landlord.

We know how depressing housing disrepair can be, so our solicitors will take a look at your damages and negotiate possible settlements for you. 

Disrepair claims by tenants can be easier with an experienced solicitor, contact us today to claim compensation and get repairs done.

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