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What are the Housing Disrepair Issues Across the UK?

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Housing Disrepair Definition

A house is said to be in disrepair if it does not meet the minimum acceptable living standard (unfit for living) and instead becomes unsafe, posing harm, security risk, as well as causing damage to property and health problems for the occupants.

The Housing disrepair Act known formally as the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 puts it as an obligation for the landlord to ensure that his building is in a good state or repair, safe and conducive for potential renters.

This means that where your landlord fails to ensure this, and continues to ignore you despite several complaints, you can take legal actions against your landlord and make housing disrepair claims for a deserved compensation and also get the repairs done.

Housing Disrepair Issues Across the UK

Housing Disrepair Issues Across UK

There are several housing disrepair issues that plague tenants in different rented apartments in the UK. These may be privately rented apartments or apartments rented under a social housing authority.
These issues include;

  • Mould and Damp
  • Leaks
  • Flooding and drainage issues
  • Rodent and insect Infestation
  • Structural Cracks
  • Condensation
  • Poor ventilation and poor lighting
  • Faulty heating system for space and water

If you have such issues in your home and it has adversely affected your safety, health, properties and your

landlord is not fixing things, you can meet with our housing disrepair team to help you sue for landlord negligence in the UK.

Why Should I Make A Claim?

You have to know that it is your legal right to make a claim. Section 11 of The Landlord and Tenant Act (LTA) 1985 which is binding upon all tenancy agreements entered into after 1961 states the responsibilities of a landlord to his or her tenants.

They include the following;

  • keeping in good condition the structure and exterior of the house, including channels for drainage, gutters and external pipes.
  • keeping in repair and proper working order, the installations in the house for water supply, gas, electricity as well as necessary equipment for sanitation (including basins, sinks, baths and sanitary conveniences).
  • Ensuring that the installations in the rented apartment for space heating and heating water are in good state of repair and proper working order.

If this is not the case in the home you paid for, then you should meet with our team of housing disrepair solicitors as you may have a strong case for a housing disrepair claim.


Making Housing Disrepair Claims In The UK

Housing disrepair issues in the UK can have a severe impact on the overall health and wellbeing of the tenant. For instance, the presence of mould and damp in the home can cause serious respiratory issues such as asthma, as well as skin rashes/inflammation, nausea, as well as psychological damage. Such issues can make the house unfit for living.

We can help you make claims just as we have undertaken several disrepair claims by tenants where we have helped them take legal action against their landlords in the UK.

For you to make a claim as a tenant,

  • You should have a housing disrepair issue which has plague you for a reasonable period of time.
  • You should have made contact with your landlord verbally and most importantly officially by writing to make the needed repairs and given him a reasonable period of time to do so.
  • Your landlord has failed to carry out repairs as required to make the house conducive, comfortable and safe for you.
  • Your landlord’s negligence and the continued existence of the disrepair has caused damage to your property, or puts your safety at risk, caused you inconvenience or personal injuries or other health problems.

How To Claim Compensation From Your Landlord

These are the procedures to take to claim compensation from your landlord;

  • YFirst, contact your landlord to discuss the housing disrepair issues you are facing. You can do this orally, or even by mail.
  • Reach out to your landlord again if you did not get a response after 14 days of making the first complaint. You can write to your landlord and attach images as evidence of the house in disrepair. You can even include evidence of any additional expenses you incurred as a result including hospital bills.
  • Send a final letter or email to your landlord or housing authority after another two weeks of no show.
  • Next, reach out to your local council who can help reach out to your landlord to get him to attend to your complaints and make the necessary repairs.

If all these measures yield no good results, then you can contact our housing disrepair claims solicitors for legal help.

It is very important that you keep copies of your correspondence with your landlord as they will be needed while making claims. keep safe copies of all letters you have written to your landlord or social housing authority as well as copies of responses received.

Furthermore, pictures or images showing the state of your home and the severity of the disrepair is very crucial towards a successful housing disrepair claim. Also, you have had to make repairs out of your pocket, copies of the receipts of such payments will be very important.

Additionally, if your health has been affected, you should also provide evidence of hospital bills, medical reports, etc.

Start Your Claim

What Can I Claim For?

While making your claims, you can claim compensation for the following;

  • Property damage
  • Personal injury
  • Financial losses
  • Inconveniences

Damage To Belongings

Housing disrepair issues can affect your clothes, beddings, furniture and other household belongings. If you have suffered any of such, your compensation will cover for these. Such losses are included while making claims as they will determine the final compensation amount.

For instance, fire from faulty electrical installation can consume your belongings; also mold and damp can ruin your beddings, clothes, books and even furniture.

All these will be taken into account so that you can receive an appropriate compensation amount.

Personal Injury

Leaks can cause falls which can lead to serious injuries. Also, mould and damp can result in health issues such as respiratory tract infections, asthma, skin inflammations, etc. Evidence of hospital visits and the financial implications of such visits can also be claimed during compensation.

Financial Losses

You may have found the disrepair unbearable to live with and decided to make the repairs yourself even though they are the landlord’s responsibility. In such cases, you can claim whatever you may have spent in carrying out the repairs. It is therefore very vital that all receipts are kept safe.


it is also very possible to claim for inconveniences the housing disrepair issues must have caused you. For instance, the disrepair may have made it impossible for you to enjoy the comfort of your home, unable to use certain equipment or live in certain areas in your home.

This can be calculated and added to your compensation amount.

No Win No Fee Landlord Negligence Claims Solicitors

As one of the UK’s best housing disrepair solicitors, we have an enviable record of helping tenants with their disrepair claims.

We have our housing disrepair solicitors in Manchester as well as housing disrepair solicitors in Liverpool who are dedicated to serve tenants who have suffered in the hands of unreasonable landlords or social housing authority and get them justice.

As part of our way of making legal help affordable and accessible to all regardless of social status, we offer you a free consultation session where our team of housing disrepair experts will discuss your situation with you and determine if you have valid claims.

We will thereafter proceed to undertake your claims under our No Win No Fee policy. As no win no fee housing solicitors, we handle your claims without you having to pay upfront legal fees. Additionally, should the claims be unsuccessful (which rarely happens), you will not have to pay a dime to us.

Only after the end of a successful claim shall we require not more than 25% of your settlement payout as success fee.

We assure you that not only will you be well compensated, the repairs will be carried out and this will be done in the shortest possible time so as to put behind the ugly experience you must be suffering as quickly as possible.

You can contact our friendly, understanding and empathetic solicitors through our housing disrepair helpline so that we can begin your housing disrepair claims in earnest.

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