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A Complete Guide On Housing Disrepair Helpline

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Do You Live In A Social Or Private Rented Housing?

Has Your Landlord Failed To Carry Out Necessary Repairs? We can help, if you call our housing disrepair helpline today.

If you’re thinking about making a legal housing disrepair claim against your landlord, here’s a complete guide to the housing disrepair helpline. If your rental property is in disrepair and your landlord has refused to fix damages, call our housing disrepair helpline to speak to one of our no win no fee housing solicitors.¬†


Your landlord is obligated by law to ensure your rented home is fit to live in by completing necessary repairs. If you have reported the issue and believe you have a valid housing disrepair claim against a landlord for lack of repairs, we are willing to look into your case if you call our helpline.

What Leads To Housing Disrepair?

Most housing disrepair by landlords results from poor Maintenance. We all deserve to live in a healthy environment that is free of hazards. No one can be comfortable living in a poorly maintained property but unfortunately, disrepair gets worse overtime, and can lead to more injury.

Poor maintenance could lead to a number of health problems including, emotional trauma such as anxiety and depression, trips and falls, carbon monoxide poisoning, asthma, pneumonia, gastrointestinal problems or electrocution from faulty wiring.

Housing disrepair compensation claims require enough evidence. For housing disrepair claims manchester or across the UK, a tenant must be able to establish that:

  • The apartment is in dilapidated condition.
  • The Landlord ignored repairs after contacting him severally. This may include letters, emails or voice messages.
  • The current living condition affected the quality of your life and that of your loved ones.
  • The disrepair directly caused your illness, injuries or mental strain.
  • The items to be replaced got damaged as a result of delayed repairs. Evidence needed to advance in your claim must be provided, such as pictures, medical bills, receipts etc.

Making A Housing Disrepair Claim Against Your Landlord

Housing disrepair happens when the condition of your rental property deteriorates and becomes unfit to dwell in and possess a threat to you and your family. Disrepair may be either an issue with the interior or exterior of the property or both. It could be problems with mould or damp, insect infestation, electrical hazards, drainage or plumbing issues, broken stairs or elevators that may lead to home accidents, etc.

Once you have complained to your landlord or reported issues with no timely renovations or repairs, a tenant can take legal action. If your repairs are overdue, we can help you with making a housing disrepair claim. In processing your claim, our housing disrepair solicitors London no win no fee will offer the best legal service if you are eligible. You can claim using our housing disrepair helpline.


Steps To Dealing With Disrepair In Your Rental Home.

Tenants can make a claim against their landlord during or after their tenancy period. In a housing disrepair claim, the total compensation you receive will depend on the seriousness of your injury or damages, for instance, trips and falls from the unsafe stairways or other dangerous home accidents that lead to loss of life may incur higher compensation award.

  • Identify The Disrepair: Identify the disrepair and ensure that your landlord is liable for them. A landlord will not be responsible for damage caused by tenants.
  • Report Disrepair Problems To Your Landlord: This is the very first step as you won’t have a valid disrepair claim if the landlord isn’t aware. Once the issue is reported, give him time to remedy the situation. Tenants have within 6 years to make a housing disrepair claim, except when it involves a personal injury then you can claim within 3 years. You could begin by making a verbal request.
  • Submit A Formal Complaint: Submit a formal complaint to your housing association or private landlord. If the landlord ignores you for no reason, then make a formal complaint by sending a written note or email stating the exact repairs, and explaining the effects the dilapidating condition has had on you or your loved ones. This should spur him into action else you could take legal action against him if he refuses to fix repairs.
  • Contact Your Local Council: Try reaching out to your local council who can instruct your landlord to carry out immediate repairs.
  • Contact Our Housing Disrepair Helpline: If you do not want your local council to handle your disrepair claim, contact our housing disrepair helpline on 0800 999 7440 and we can make a claim on your behalf.
  • Choose A Solicitor: Find the right disrepair claims solicitor or we can assign one to you if you decide to take legal action against your landlord.
  • File A Lawsuit: A claim is filed on your behalf if you are eligible and your negligent landlord will be issued a warning notice.
  • Notify The Landlord Or Housing Association. The lawyer will notify the landlord on your behalf.
  • Gather Evidence To Support Your Claim: Evidence needed to advance in your claim must be provided, such as pictures, medical bills, receipts etc.
  • Negotiate Settlement: Our solicitors will try to resolve the issue out of court and ensure he helps you get full compensation for damages.
  • Proceed To Court: A large percentage of claims are settled out of court if the landlord takes responsibility for his actions.
  • Seek Expert Testimony: Seek Expert opinion that can prove that the devastating effect of housing disrepair on occupants can lead to ill health.
  • Get Maximum Compensation: If the court rules in your favour, then you will be awarded full compensation.


What Tenants Can Claim In A Housing Association Disrepair.

Tenants can sue a housing association or private landlord for any injuries caused by disrepair and can claim compensation for damages. Disrepair claims by tenants may not be valid without sufficient proof to support them. Compensation amounts differ for disrepair claims but could be higher if a rented apartment is infected and serves as a threat to occupants with young children. You can claim compensation for the following:

  • Damaged Properties: You can claim compensation for any damages done to your personal properties such as clothing, carpets or appliances that were destroyed due to electrical defects. Claims for disrepair require proof that your personal belongings were damaged and your living conditions deteriorated.
  • Inconveniences: You can claim for inconveniences caused by daily living conditions. Money awarded for any discomfort may be calculated as a reduction from your next rent or could receive a cash sum for the period of time you suffered disrepair.
  • Personal Injury: If the unbearable condition of your rental property has to lead to an injury or your loved one fell ill due to disrepair, you may be entitled to compensation. For instance, you can be compensated for ill health if you sue your landlord for mold uk.¬†
    Mold growth in your apartment can cause a number of health issues if not addressed on time. You can compel the landlord to complete repairs and also compensate you for pain and suffering, injuries, damage done to emotional wellbeing and hospital bills incurred during treatment.
  • Other Expenses: You can receive money for other expenses such as loss of wages, cost of moving into another property or money spent if you had to carry out some repairs yourself. All other expenses not mentioned can also be factored into your claim depending on the extent of damages like the cost of physiotherapy if applicable.

Generally, you can claim compensation for any structural defects, damps and mould, lack of heat and cooling system, broken stairs, doors and windows claims etc. Contact us for a no win no fee housing disrepair compensation claim and our solicitor will help you through the process, from the start to finish of your case.

Get Help, Contact Our Housing Disrepair Helpline Today

You don’t have to be at the mercy of your landlord when you can seek justice. We have a team of the best housing disrepair solicitors, who have helped many tenants to get justice across the UK. Our housing disrepair solicitors no win no fee funding option gives every tenant the opportunity to seek justice and fix their home repairs.

When You Call Our Housing Disrepair Helpline, We Will:

  • Access Your Claim.
  • Give You Initial Free Advice.
  • Go Through Your Tenancy Agreement.
  • Inspect The Poor Condition Of Your Home.
  • Prepare A Specialist Report.
  • Gather Evidence.
  • Contact A Surveyor To Spot Needed Repairs.
  • Contact Your Landlord To Fix The Needed Repairs Within A Given Time.
  • Attempt To Negotiate Maximum Settlement For Your Disrepair Claims Out Of Court.
  • Follow Court Proceedings.
  • Assign One Of Our Housing Disrepair Solicitors To You.
  • Ensure Repairs Are Completed.
  • Help You Get The Maximum Compensation You Deserve By Factoring In Damages And Injuries Incurred.

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