Housing Disrepair Compensation Claims

Housing Disrepair Compensation

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Due to tenants concerns about eviction, most legitimate housing disrepair claims are not pursued against landlords. Well, this is understandable but from a legal view, this should not cause despair. The law is on your side!!!


Know about housing disrepair

When a property – whether privately owned or one under a housing association – is in need of essential repairs and as such falls below the required standard or is deemed unfit for habitation, the resulting condition is what is termed housing disrepair.

You are said to be a victim of housing disrepair when;

  • Your property has deteriorated from what it used to be as at the time you moved into the property.
  • Your landlord has been notified and given ample time to fix the problem 
  • Your landlord has failed to carry out the much needed repairs in your property

And you can make a claim for compensation as a result of the suffering and pain you have suffered. 

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Housing Association disrepair claims 

If you live in a rented property that has fallen into disrepair, you are likely to feel stressed and annoyed, particularly when your landlord is failing to fix the problem. It is your social housing landlord’s responsibility to maintain the rented property for you. Failure to do this could lead to discomfort and, in extreme cases, health problems for you as an occupant of the property.

Based on the Landlord-Tenant Act of 1985, your landlord (who in this case include housing associations, housing trusts and housing co-operatives) is obligated to make repairs on your request. Failure to make such repairs may result in a housing disrepair claims from solicitors, forcing landlords to fix the property and potentially pay compensation to you. If such housing disrepairs last for years, this amount might easily add up to thousands of pounds.

Who takes responsibility for Housing Association disrepairs? 

There seems to be a general misconception amongst tenants that the law differs for private and social housing  (Housing association owned properties) house owners. However, the fact is, all landlords have the same legal obligation to ensure the well-being and safety of their tenants. 

It is worth note that your housing association is legally charged with the responsibility of making sure that their properties are fit for living. So while you may feel uncomfortable pursuing compensation, for fear of being evicted, bear in mind that you are back by the law.

What are my landlord’s responsibilities?

If you have a written tenancy agreement, it may spell out the landlord’s obligations which includes carrying out repairs. Even if you do not have a written tenancy agreement, the landlord-tenant act of 1985 ensures that the landlord shares the responsibility of repairs.

Your landlord’s responsibilities include but is not limited to:

  • To ensure that boilers are serviced regularly and fixed when bad.
  • To fix leakage from pipes and other water related issues.
  • To fix plumbing and electrical faults.
  • To fix defective windows or broken doors 
  • To fix defective exterior finishes 
  • To correct disrepairs such as damp and mould.
  • To ensure that walls, roofs and floors are properly maintained through painting or changing them when bad.

Making Compensation claims from Housing Associations

If you are confused about how to claim compensation from your landlord, it is necessary that you seek help from housing disrepair claim solicitors. Whether you have suffered financial loss, damage to belongings because of disrepair, you may have a case to claim a rent rebate from the landlord. 

You can check your tenancy agreement on how to report disrepair if you have one. Report the disrepair to your housing association landlord and state clearly why you think compensation is warranted. If an agreement cannot be reached, you can contact one of our expert housing disrepair claim solicitors who will be happy to assist you with your claim.

Is your rented home suffering from rat infestation or faulty electrics? a broken step, gas leaks, mould and other house-related defects? you may be eligible to make a claim following the procedures below;

  •  Identify the type of repair – Is it an electrical fault, Gas leaks?
  • Collect evidence of disrepair – Take pictures
  • Inform the landlord – Reports claim that most landlords and housing association are not often aware of defects on their property. As such, as a tenant you must ensure they are aware of the disrepair claims and given enough time to carry out these repairs. It is advisable to do this through mails.
  • Contact the environmental health department
  • Try a mediation service, if you fail to reach an agreement go to court and claim compensation

What are my responsibilities as a housing association tenant?

Having identified procedures on how to claim compensation from your landlord, it is your responsibility to look after your home by using it in a “tenant like” way which means

  • Keeping your home clean 
  • Avoid causing damage to the property
  • Carrying out minor repairs yourself such as repainting a stained wall
  • Informing the landlord about the repairs that are needed 

In some cases, your landlord is not responsible for repair work until they are informed about it, so it’s up to you to tell your landlord about any repair that is required. This is part of the tenancy agreement (Landlord-Tenant Act).

What can one Claim for Housing Association disrepairs?

You might be thinking, what can I actually claim for? Well, there are areas you can actually claim for which includes:

  • General damages: could be your personal properties which has been damaged or loss of earnings.
  • Medical expenses: involves injuries to your health.
  • Care claim: compensation for living in a property with disrepair. 

Injury and Health Challenges association with disrepair 

Besides the discomfort and day-to-day terrible living conditions, housing disrepairs can lead to you suffering more serious injuries and health challenges. For instance, Damp conditions in a housing association may lead to tenants or occupants of a property suffering from different health issues including:

  • Asthma 
  • Lung disease
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Sinusitis

Recent figures show 47% of children with asthma are from the poorest 10% of families in the UK and 85% of children living in damp house suffer from breathing problems.

Broken steps, rust handrails and other defects can cause you to slip, fall and trip so, leaving you seriously injured. Broken wiring and poorly maintained boilers can cause fire hazards in your home, inhaling toxic fumes which contains carbon monoxide could prove fatal to your health.

How is housing disrepair compensation amounts calculated?

When it comes to compensation amounts for disrepair claims, nothing is set in stone. If you received compensation from housing association disrepair, the exact amount will be calculated by accessing a number of factors. These include:

  • The type and amount of damage to your belongings.
  • The cost of repairs
  • Cost of secondary accommodation, if you have to move out.
  • Inconveniences caused
  • Additional cost resulting from disrepair.

If you want to have an idea of how much your claim is worth, contact us today. Our No Win No Fee housing disrepair solicitors will investigate you claim, including evidences provided to determine an estimated value of your claims worth.

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Social Housing Disrepair solicitors

In order to make a claim for compensation from your landlord, you need to seek help from housing disrepair solicitors. These are experienced legal professionals who specialize in providing legal advice and representation to tenants in relation to claiming compensation for poor standards of maintenance in rented or housing association properties.

At housing disrepair claim, we have some of the best housing disrepair solicitors who will help you claim compensation, if your landlord has turn deaf ears to your complaints having being notified of disrepairs.

If you are living in Manchester and are bothered about making housing disrepair claims in Manchester, we can help you. Our solicitors have successfully handled tons of cases associated with social housing/ housing association disrepair. Feel free to fill our assessment form or call in via our housing disrepair helpline anytime and one of our housing disrepair claims solicitors will reach out to you. 

No win No fee Housing disrepair claims

Some people are quite suspicious about no win, no fee claims. Are there any hidden charges after commitment? While few things are free, there is no catch when it comes to a no win, no fee claim. The system has been designed to ensure everybody has access to the courts and can claim compensation, regardless of how much money they have.

At housingdisrepairclaim.co.uk, you have access to no win no fee housing disrepair claims. What this means is that you will not be required to pay any fee for services provided, until there is a favorable result – that is when you have been awarded a compensation. The amount charged after a successful claim known as “Success Fee” is usually a percentage fraction of your total compensation.

 With such conditional agreement in place, it makes it easier for people of limited means to pursue claims for compensations they are deserving of without having to incur heavy financial burdens.

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Take advantage of our housing disrepair solicitors No Win No Fee agreement plan to avert financial risks associated with making compensation claim. You will be provided the best advice and legal support once our experts have confirmed that you have a valid claim.

Disrepair does not have to mean despair!!! Contact us to represent you today!




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