Family Faces Eviction Complaining about their Landlord

Family Faces Eviction After Complaining to Landlord About Condition of House

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A family in the UK complained severally to their landlady about areas of disrepair in their house. After seven months of no show despite several complaints, they reached out to their solicitor and the landlady chose to give them an eviction notice rather than make any repairs. 

Let us answer an important question we are often faced with during consultation sessions; 

Complaining about their Landlord

Can I File A Complaint Against My Landlord?

Of course, you can. As a tenant, you have the right to file a complaint or take legal action against your landlord when he fails to do the needful to keep your home in a good state of repair or relates with you dishonestly and unfairly. 

The Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 stipulates that the Landlord should keep in good state of repair and proper working order such things as the structure and exterior of the property, including drains, gutters and external pipes; the installations in the dwelling for the supply of water, gas, electricity and for sanitation as well as dwelling for the space heating and heating water.

Often times we have had to represent tenants who make claims against their landlords for several issues including but not limited to;

  • Failing to put the house in good state of repair
  • Unending and unnecessary harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Illegal eviction, among others;

Focus on  Housing Disrepair 

Housing disrepair describes when a tenant’s rented apartment is in a state that doesn’t meet the required standard living conditions and needs urgent repairs to guarantee safety and not put the health of the tenants at risk or ruin their belongings. A landlord is obligated to put the house where his tenants live in, in a good state of repair and when this is not done, the tenants can contact their solicitor to file a complaint.

The following constitutes housing disrepair;

  • Mould and Damp
  • Leaks
  • Flooding and drainage issues
  • Infestation by rodents, vermin and insects
  • Structural Cracks on the building
  • Faulty heating system
  • Faulty electricity
  • Poor security

Types Of Housing Disrepair Claims

When it comes to housing disrepair claims, you may make the following types of claims;

  • Structural defect claims
  • Flooding and drainage issue claims
  • water leak claims
  • Rodent and pest infestation claims
  • Mould and Damp claims
  • Faulty Electric or water system claims

Duties Of A Landlord To The Tenants

Your landlord has an obligation to ensure that your home is in a good state of repair and doesn’t constitute a health risk or cause damage to your properties. The Landlord and Tenant Act (LTA) 1985, Section 11 states the duties of a landlord to the tenants in this regard. In simple terms, your landlord is expected to;

  • Make sure that the structure and exterior of your house is in a good state of repair
  • Ensure that the installations for water heating and space heating are in proper working condition
  • See to it that there are no electrical faults in the building
  • Ensure that pipes, fittings and needed fixtures are in place and in proper working condition to avoid leaks
  • Keep the house damp and mould free
  • Provide adequate sanitation equipment
  • Ensure that the property is free from rodent and pest infestation
  • Make sure that the drainage channels are working properly to avoid flooding issues

Making A Claim Against Your Landlord

There are various reasons why you want to make landlord complaints or housing disrepair claims against an irresponsible landlord. 

  • First, you are living as a tenant in an apartment that is in disrepair
  • You have made several complaints about the state of the home and yet nothing has been done
  • You have suffered damages to health, belongings, inconvenience, financial losses as a result of the disrepair
  • Landlord harassment
  • You are threatened with illegal eviction from your house
  • You are being discriminated against because of your race, gender or religion


How To Complain About Landlord 

Here are the steps to take to complain about your landlord or deal with how to deal with a landlord who is unreasonable.

  • First, speak with your landlord and talk about your challenges, the issues you are having in your home and what you would like them to do for you. It is also fine if you want to take someone else with you to see your landlord. You may also send an email if you can’t reach them to speak with them. 
  • If speaking or emailing your landlord failed to yield positive results, you can make a formal complaint by writing. In your letter, you have to be very clear about the state of your house.

The following are necessary to be included in your letter to your landlord.

  • What your complaint is actually about and what you want them to do about the problem
  • The dates and times the problem happened or began to happen
  • Any details of previous conversations with your landlord and what they had agreed to do about the problem
  • Copies of any emails between you and your landlord
  • Pictures showing the extent of damage or disrepair and the inconvenience suffered as a result. For example, if you are not able to make use of or live in certain areas of your apartment due to leaks. Damages to your books or clothing due to mould and damp
  • Receipts and proof of payments/purchases or other financial expenses incurred since the problem began- 
  • Medical report from your doctor (if possible) if you or a family member has suffered any health challenge as a result of the disrepair
  • Report the landlord to the council if your landlord refuses to attend to your problems. The local council can help with complaints that border on;
  • Failure to carry out repairs that cause a risk to your health and safety
  • Landlord harassment
  • dishonest or unfair dealing towards you  
  • discrimination

Your local council should be able to contact you and your landlord to discuss the problem and explain to your landlord what rights you have should the problem persist. They can also visit your home and ask your landlord to make the necessary repairs, stop harassing you or stop discriminating against you.
When all these avenues prove abortive, you can now contact your lawyer to help you take legal action against the landlord and make housing disrepair claims.

start a claim

How To Prove Landlord Negligence

When making a claim for disrepair, you need should be able to demonstrate that;

  • Your rented apartment is in a state of disrepair
  • Despite your complaints- formal and informal, your landlord has failed to attend to those problems
  • The disrepair has caused you to suffer health problems, damages to belongings, financial losses and other inconveniences.

How To Claim Compensation From Your Landlord

We have had cases where clients have complained that “my landlord is ignoring me” and wish to report landlord abuse. In many disrepair claims by tenants which we have handled, we have been able to win appropriate settlement payout for them. During our consultation sessions, we would first have a detailed conversation with you about the disrepairs in your home.

It is important that you-

  • Provide copies of all correspondences or letters between you and your landlord
  • Make available photographs showing extent of damage or disrepair 
  • Show proof of financial expenses incurred since the problem began including receipts and proof of payments/purchases
  • Make available medical report from your doctor if you or a family member has suffered any health problem as a result of the disrepair
  • Provide any other evidence as may be required to prove your claims.

Our solicitors are experts when it comes to housing disrepair claims and will ensure that you have the best legal representation while also doing everything possible not only to win your claims in the shortest possible time but also to get the highest possible settlement payout.

What Can I Claim For?

While making claims, your compensation should be able to cover the following;

  • Property damages
  • Personal injury
  • Financial losses
  • Other inconveniences 

No Win No Fee Landlord Negligence

We are no win no fee housing disrepair claims solicitors who would not require a penny from you before we undertake your housing disrepair claims or help you take legal action against the landlord. You will also be protected from incurring any debt should the claims be unsuccessful.

It is only after a successful claim that 25% of your compensation amount will be required as a success fee.

Our housing disrepair solicitors are understanding, friendly, empathetic, dedicated and professional in their dealings with clients. You therefore should feel rest assured that your claims will be handled by the best hands.

You can reach us through our emergency housing disrepair helpline displayed on the page so that we can discuss your claims.

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