Energy prices and Social Housing Disrepair

What UK Housing has been Tweeting About Energy Prices, GrenFell and social housing disrepair this Month

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With the government releasing its energy security strategy, many have reacted to the development with dissatisfaction as it did not include enough on two of the solutions which are most important to landlords and tenants: energy efficiency retrofits of homes, which make them cheaper to heat and provide low-carbon heating.

@dpcarrington, an environment editor at The Guardian, has put together a useful thread of reactions from experts in energy policy.

ok, brace yourselves…

a thread on expert reaction to the UK #EnergyStrategy –

“Nothing is said about improving energy efficiency. The first line of any new energy policy in the UK should read ‘insulate, insulate, insulate’.” Prof Jon Gluyas, Durham Energy Institute

Energy prices and Social Housing Disrepair

Green MP @CarolineLucas tweeted: “We’re at a key moment for energy security, climate stability & cost of living crisis. Yet all 3 challenges demand the same solution: a war-time mobilization to pivot away from dirty fossil fuels towards efficiency & clean, green, cheaper energy.”

Deputy editor at Inside housing @PeteApps, who has been covering the Grenfell Inquiry in detail, posted a speech given by Karim Mussilhy, who lost his uncle in the Grenfell Tower fire, which has been retweeted more than 1,300 times at the time of writing.

The heart touching speech said; “I don’t do what I do with Grenfell United because I want to be an activist but it’s a battle we’re never going to win,”

Housing activist @KwajoHousing is going around the UK, speaking to tenants about their housing condition problems. He visited a Manchester estate where he said there were 350 vacant homes, although there were 19,000 people on the social housing waiting list.

@FairfaxLeanna, a PhD student working on homelessness research, tweeted a worrying story of his experience: “I presented at a workshop on women in homelessness and a council figure who leads on homelessness policy approached me after, and during the discussion they then went on to say they know that some women make themselves homeless for a house. I couldn’t believe what I heard, the fact they felt comfortable enough to say that to me, a woman who has been homeless who just spent 15 mins doing a presentation on implicit bias and alienation. Shows that she saw nothing wrong in what she said. Makes me wonder how beneficial these workshops are.”

@CentreforCities has recently published a report which reveals that many new homes are being built far from public transport links. The report said “Since 2011, 47% of all suburban neighborhoods located near rail, tram, and tube stations have built less than one new house every year.”


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