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Disrepair Claims – The Facts And The Risks

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Want to know what to expect when claiming for housing disrepair? Before you begin your housing disrepair claims you need to know all the facts and the risks. If you’re a tenant residing in an unsafe property that is in need of repairs, but your landlord hasn’t done anything about it, you may have a disrepair claim against him. 

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If a negligent landlord has failed to keep your rental property in good livable condition, your home can become damaged and expose your family to injuries or illness. In this article, we’ll explain the facts and risks you should consider before making a disrepair claim.

What Disrepair Really Means?

Disrepair rises when an estate owner, social landlord or letting agent fails to repair faults in a rental property as laid out in their tenancy contract. It is the duty of a landlord to repair a house in disrepair, but if he is no time helping the situation you could make a claim against him for housing disrepair

A landlord who ignores his obligations may be liable for disrepair claims. Common examples of disrepair in social housing may include mold and damp. This means a tenant can make a housing association disrepair claim to get compensation for mold and damp problems that resulted in ill health. 

So, if you notice mold in your rental apartment first check your tenancy contract then notify your landlord or letting agent about it before taking further actions. Ensure you keep record of any repairs you had to do yourself for reimbursement, especially repairs that your landlord is liable for. Other types of disrepair problems include:

  • Structural damage.
  • Broken Doors, Windows And Tiles.
  • Water Leaks.
  • Faulty Gas Pipes.
  • Pest Infestation.
  • Broken Stair Rails.
  • Faulty Electrical Appliances.
  • Faulty Heating System.
  • Cracking Walls And ceiling.
  • Subsidence.


What Are Disrepair Claims Companies?

Disrepair claims companies (Also Known as claims management companies) are organisations who approach tenants to inspect their rental property for disrepair and advise them on the need for repairs and making a possible claim. Recently, property owners have observed that tenants are lured by some of these companies into making a claim without telling them about the risks. 

They especially target residents in social housing to encourage them to make housing disrepair claims. There are some other companies who represent lawyers or law firms that make money by referring tenants whether or not they have a valid claim. 

If you’re a social housing renter, they may come to your home telling you that your house needs some repair work and then advise you to try making a claim. You need to be aware of these organisations and also know how making a claim can affect estate owners and landlords.

Facts You Need To Know

One fact is that disrepair claim companies often make reference to regulations that were introduced to protect tenants from negligent landlords. You must know this to avoid mistakes and unnecessary legal costs if you discover you have no claim. 

When you’re confronted, ensure you first seek legal advice from housing disrepair solicitors before making a decision. Unfortunately, unsuspecting tenants have been left with charges to cover the cost of inspection, survey and legal agreements or insurance.

What Are The Risks?

  • Hidden Charges: You may be left with charges for survey, and other Charges to cover insurance legal fees if you’re not entitled to make a successful claim. They put you at financial Losses, so you must be aware of this risk before you make any commitment. 
  • You Might Pay Legal Fees If You Change Your Mind During The Claim Process: If you decide to stop the process of your claim, you may still be liable for the cost of legal costs. On the other hand if the case is dismissed in court
  • Disrepair Claims Take Longer To Reach A Resolution: Claims could take up to two years to settle which can put the tenant in an uncomfortable situation depending on when repairs are completed.
  • Your Potential Compensation Award Could Be Deducted To Pay Legal Expenses: Under no win no fee claim, a 25% fee may be deducted from your final compensation award to settle legal representation and other expenses.
  • You Could Breach Your Tenancy Contract: Breach of a tenancy contract can incur more costs. This means you may also be charged for replacing a property if an inspector checks your home to find any damages. Keep your home in good condition to avoid breaking the tenancy contract, making sure that there’s no damage to the rental property caused by you or your family members.

How Long Should It Take For Disepair To Be Fixed By The landlord?

Is disrepair affecting your well-being? Whatever type of repair your home needs, you must give the landlord a reasonable period of time after notifying him. If the landlord agrees to carry out repairs, he’d give a few hours notice to grant access to the property for inspection or maintenance. 

The seriousness of the disrepair issue will often determine how fast the repairs will be done. Severe disrepair cases can be reported to an environmental health service near your locality. If your local council believes that the disrepair problem is severe, they can issue an improvement notice to your landlord. 

But if they don’t respond on time, you may consider taking legal action to get repairs done and claim compensation for damages. However, contact your landlord before taking the next step. For all housing disrepair claims Manchester, contact our no win no fee housing solicitors

What To Do If Your Landlord Fails To Make Repairs?

If you have notified your landlord about urgent disrepair problems but he’s not responsive, then you may have to seek legal advice from no win no fee solicitors property damage legal advisors. Before you decide to take your landlord to court, try other ways to resolve the issue. A mediation service may help affected tenants to reach a faster settlement. Taking him to court should be a last resort as most claims reach settlement ever before court proceedings.

How To Claim Compensation From Your Landlord For Disrepair.

Do you know that it is the duty of your landlord to fix a rental property that has fallen into disrepair? Follow the below steps or contact the best housing disrepair solicitors to find out more about how to claim compensation from your landlord or sue landlord for mold uk. Call the housing disrepair helpline on 0800 999 7440.

  • Know What Repairs Your Landlord Is Liable For.
  • Notify Your Landlord Verbally And In Writing.
  • Keep All Notes And Correspondence With Your Landlord.
  • Gather Proofs Showing The Extent Of Damages, such as photos or videos, medical bills and receipts.
  • Report To Your Local Authority.
  • Send A Second Notice To Your Landlord Informing Them About A Possible Claim.
  • Try A Mediation Service.
  • Seek Legal Advice.
  • Find No Win No Fee Housing Claim Solicitors.

What Happens If You Claim?

Our housing disrepair claims solicitors will carry out thorough investigation. They have a success record for handling these types of cases. We deal with disrepair matters promptly with all professionalism.

We’ll send surveyors to inspect your home, to find out what repairs are needed. If you have a valid claim, these surveyors can act as expert testimonials who can testify in court.


What You Can Claim In Compensation

Claiming Compensation From your landlord can be a daunting process for tenants. But with the right legal assistance, you can claim for compensation. In disrepair cases where you can prove you sustained injury or ill health, you may be able to claim compensation for personal injury. If you win the case, your landlord will be made to:

  • Carry Out Needed Repairs.
  • Pay Your Legal Expenses. 
  • Pay Compensation For Damages To Property.
  • Pay Compensation For Personal Injury Or Ill health.
  • Pay Compensation For Inconveniences Through Reimbursement Or Rent Reduction.

Can I Make No Win No Fee Housing Disrepair Claims?

You may be eligible to claim compensation from your landlord on a no win no fee basis as soon as we confirm your eligibility. We will also advise you on alternative funding options if your personal possessions has been destroyed due to disrepair. 

Our experienced housing disrepair solicitors london no win no fee representatives give you legal advice and let you know if you can make a no win no fee housing disrepair claim. You could also claim compensation for personal injury if your health was affected by disrepair in the apartment.

We Can help

If you’re an affected tenant, you have a legal right to legal representation to pursue your claim. We can help ensure that your home is well maintained, in good condition and also help you claim compensation for other damages. We’ll support you in any way we can if you discuss your claim with us, by starting with an initial consultation from our housing disrepair solicitors no win no fee.

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