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Can I Claim Compensation For No Heating Or Hot Water?

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Housing Disrepair Claims By Tenants For Rented Property Without Heating

As a tenant, you are entitled to live in a home in good repair and this includes a property which has facilities for heating water. Where this is neither provided nor maintained by your landlord or social housing authority, then the law empowers you to make claims. Where you have no heating facility in your rented property or you moved into a new house with no hot water, the experience can be very uncomfortable.

Your landlord should make sure that the problem is fixed within a reasonable amount of time and when they fail, we can help you make a claim for compensation and also see that the necessary repairs or installations are done.

Compensation for No Heating UK

Law On No Heating Or Hot Water

According to the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, your landlord is responsible for ensuring that your home has a working installation for space and water heating. When they fail or refuse to maintain or repair a faulty hot water installation, they have contravened the law.

The Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, expects that the landlord;

  • Keep in good repair and working order the supplies of water, gas, sanitation basins, sinks, baths, and sanitary conveniences) and electricity
  • Keep in good repair any installation for heating water and space.

Bearing this in mind, the law makes a provision for tenants to make claims for “no heating or hot water in rented property compensation.”

Installations for space heating and hot water heating are very important to be kept in good repair and working order and any faults should be treated as a serious issue. Repairs should ideally be carried out within a few days and if possible alternative sources of heating provided while repairs are carried out.

Lack of heating in your rented property can be a serious cause for worry especially during the winter. Also damages such as frozen pipes, mould and damp as well as other housing disrepairs can result when the temperature in the home is not kept in ideal living conditions. Respiratory issues can also arise as a result of lack of heating. It is even recommended that faults relating to water heating be treated as urgent especially where there are little children.

Your Rights As A Social Housing Tenant

In our years of representing different tenants in social housing, we have been faced with various questions from clients about the hot water system in a rental property and tenant heating rights.
For instance, we have face questions such as;

  • Do landlords have to provide heating in the UK?
  • Is heating a requirement in rented property?

Furthermore, it is expected that a landlord fulfills the requirement of section 4 of the Defective Premises Act 1972 which states the landlords should take responsibility for any damages in the property that causes any form of damage to the tenant’s property or personal injury. 

We want to state categorically, that landlords have to provide heating in the UK. It is a requirement of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 and it is expected that all landlords including social housing authorities abide by the provisions of this law.
Also, heating is a requirement in a rented property and should not be taken lightly. Every tenant should know his or her rights concerning it and know how to act or exercise their legal options where this is not available.

To this end, we are committed to seeing that tenants not only claim a rightful compensation for the damaging impact of no water heating on their health and general well being but also see that the faulty hot water system is repaired.

Tenant Responsibilities

On the other hand, tenants have a responsibility to ensure that facilities installed in their homes are used properly and maintained with care. Tenants can be liable to pay for repairs or make replacements if their carelessness leads to any damage.

On the other hand, tenants have a responsibility to ensure that facilities installed in their homes are used properly and maintained with care. Tenants can be liable to pay for repairs or make replacements if their carelessness leads to any damage.

Where the fault is clearly from the tenants, the landlord cannot be held accountable and if claims are made against the landlord, it will not be successful.

Furthermore, tenants can carry out minor repairs themselves for example- bleeding the radiators of a water based central heating system.

It is also the duty of tenants to report any issues they have with their hot water system to their landlords. Where the problem has lasted over 24 hours, you can write to the landlord and make complaints.

However, if you have made these complaints severally and your landlord has failed to carry out the necessary repairs within a reasonable period of time, then we can help you make housing disrepair claims.

Our housing disrepair claims solicitors have the expertise in such claims and will see to it that you get a deserved housing disrepair compensation for the discomfort, inconvenience or health issues you may have suffered.


Common Types Of Heating Disrepair

There are different types of heating disrepair you may likely encounter as a tenant.
These include;

  • Leaks in pipes leading into or out of the boiler
  • Strange noises such as banging or creaking in the boiler.
  • The boiler keeps turning off long before the water has become hot.
  • No hot water at all and no hot water system to power the heating.

You can write again to your landlord if he fails to do the needful and if he fails to acknowledge your complaints and attend to them, you can write to your local council. The local council will reach out to your landlord and pressure him to carry out the needed repairs. They usually help tenants who have complaints on negligence of the landlord to carry out repairs that can cause serious health and safety risks. In certain cases, they may oversee the repairs and afterwards have the landlord to settle with them.

How Long Does A Landlord Have To Fix Hot Water?

Most times, this is not usually fixed as some problems may require longer time than others to complete repairs. Also, this may also be written in your tenancy agreement which both the landlord and tenant should abide by. If it goes past the stipulated time, or you think you have given longer time than necessary for your landlord to make the repairs, then you can make claims.

How To Claim Compensation From Your Landlord?

These are the steps you can take to make housing disrepair compensation claims against your landlord.

Once you have made your complaints to your landlord and after a few days has passed and no repairs have been done, please do the following;

  • Write a letter to your landlord reminding them of the faulty heating system, requesting them to tell you when the repairs will be carried out as well highlighting how the faulty water heating system is affecting you.
  • If after this letter, you don’t get a reply, write another letter and if you do not get a reply again, you can start thinking of exploring other options.
  • You can complain to your local council or Environmental Health Department explaining the condition of your home to them. However, if the landlord denies any wrongdoing saying that you were responsible for example- a broken heating system which is clearly your fault, the Environmental Health Department will not get involved.

When you have explored these options and your home is still in disrepair, then you can take legal actions against your landlord.

Our housing disrepair solicitors have helped many clients with several housing disrepair claims and are well versed in these matters. We are dedicated to see that not only do our clients get the best possible compensation amount for their claims but that these claims are resolved quickly as we understand what they must be passing through and how much they desire to have the needed repairs done.

Start Your Claim

When you come to make claims, you should be able to establish

  • that your landlord is solely responsible for the disrepair.
  • that he has failed to make the necessary repairs despite several complaints over a reasonable period of time.
  • that you have suffered damages to your health, properties and otherwise as a result of the disrepair.

It is important that you keep all correspondences between you and your landlord available as these will be very important in the claims process.

Also, pictures showing the disrepair as well as financial losses, evidence of health issues suffered and every other document which will be necessary to win your claim will be needed and so it is advised that you keep these important pieces of information handy and in good condition.

How Much Can I Claim As Housing Disrepair Compensation?

The amount of money you can claim is not fixed but in addition to a few things we have underlisted such as;

  • Property damage.
  • Medical fees where you have suffered health issues as a result of the heating problem.
  • Any loss of income when you were unable to work.
  • Financial losses if you have had to pay extra or make other arrangements out of your own pocket.
  • Psychological damage.
  • Inconvenience, etc.,

Your compensation amount will usually be between 20%-50% of your rent back for the time the disrepair has lasted


Disrepair: Faulty water heating system for 1 year continuously and damage to health.

Rent per month: £2,000pcm

Value of rent for the whole period of the claim i.e. 1 year:

Compensation at 50%: £12,000

Housing Disrepair Claims Manchester

We are committed to seeing that tenants do not suffer unnecessarily in the hands of unreasonable landlords and to this end we have a no win no fee housing disrepair policy in place to help you so that you do not put off seeking justice because of legal fees.

With this policy of ours, you do not have to worry about hidden charges or incurring any costs if peradventure the claim was not successful. Only at the end of a successful claim shall we take out not more than 25% of your settlement payout as success fee.

We have a housing disrepair helpline should you wish to speak with one of us to set up a meeting. We are also pleased to inform you that our consultation sessions are also for free.

Our policy of Our success records speak for themselves so you can be rest assured that your claims will be handled professionally by some of the best housing disrepair solicitors in the UK.

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