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Tue May 24 | 5:49 AM

Can I Refuse To Pay If There is MOLD?

Mold and Damp can be a scourge on a rental property and will most times find its way back into a property. Mold and Damp are usually caused by excess moisture resulting from...

Thu May 19 | 6:47 AM

What are the Housing Disrepair Issues Across the UK?

Housing Disrepair Definition

A house is said to be in disrepair if it does not meet the minimum acceptable living standard (unfit for living) and instead becomes unsafe, posing harm, security risk, as well...

Tue May 17 | 4:58 AM

What Makes a House Legally Uninhabitable In The UK?

Uninhabitable Property Definition UK

A house can be said to be uninhabitable when it falls way below acceptable living standards. For example, a house in disrepair. Such a house is unhealthy, unsafe and po...

Thu May 5 | 9:47 AM

Can I Claim Compensation For No Heating Or Hot Water?

Housing Disrepair Claims By Tenants For Rented Property Without Heating

As a tenant, you are entitled to live in a home in good repair and this includes a property which has facilities for heating water. W...

Wed Apr 27 | 7:27 AM

How Long Does A Housing Disrepair Claim Take?

How Long Does A Housing Disrepair Claim Take?

Many tenants are forced to live in apartments that are not conducive for living. The psychological and health impact of living in a house in disrepair cannot b...

Mon Apr 25 | 10:19 AM

Residents Furious After Council Estate Puts Up Sign Shaming Tenants For Unpaid Rent

Residents living in a southeast London estate have been angered by a sign put up by the council where it says it will not carry out extra repairs due to overdue rents. The sign was erected to a wall on the Neckinger...

Tue Apr 19 | 6:19 AM

Parliament Decision Could Mean A Clampdown on Claim Management Companies

In this article, Carol Matthews discusses whether the reforms being put in place go far enough to curb the proliferation of ‘claims farms’ targeting social housing tenants. ...

Wed Apr 13 | 6:55 AM

The Ultimate Guide For Landlords For Housing Disrepair Matters

Housing Disrepair Claims UK

There are different reasons why a tenant may want to make a housing disrepair claim against his landlord. Some of these issues may be  ...

Thu Apr 7 | 8:41 AM

A Filthy Three Bedroom House is Set To Auctioned For Just £80,000

The three-bedroom house which could be yours for just £80,000 is very dirty with piles of rubbish strewn all over the place. The house is set to go to auction on March 31, but images showing the home’s state of disr...

Mon Apr 4 | 7:01 AM

Damp and Mould in the Homes of Social Tenants Leaves then Suffering Breathing Problems and Skin Conditions

Statistics have shown that social housing tenants are twice as likely to be living in damp, mouldy and other substandard conditions than people in owner-occupied homes. Figu...

Mon Mar 28 | 4:29 PM

Rights Enjoyed by Tenants of Their Business Premises Under the Landlord and Tenant act 1954

The Purpose Of The Act

The purpose of the Act is to provide business tenants with the right, if they so desire, to renew their lease on the expiry of the contractual term of their lease on essentially the ...

Mon Mar 14 | 5:47 AM

What are My Rights and Responsibilities As a Tenant?

As a tenant, you have rights and responsibilities which come from the Landlord and Tenant law as well as whatever you and your landlord may have agreed in your lease or tenancy agreement. The main legal rights and responsibilities of a tenant are ...

Mon Mar 7 | 6:19 AM

Claiming Compensation For Stress & Inconvenience Caused By Landlord

Housing Disrepair Compensation Claims

A housing disrepair compensation claim refers to when a tenant sues the landlord or housing authority for not fulfilling their legal responsibility of keeping their re...

Thu Feb 24 | 12:49 PM

Family Faces Eviction After Complaining to Landlord About Condition of House

A family in the UK complained severally to their landlady about areas of disrepair in their house. After seven months of no show despite several complaints, they reached out to their solicitor and the landlady chose...

Fri Feb 18 | 1:40 PM

Housing Disrepair Damaged My Health And Belongings, Can I Sue My Landlord?

As a tenant, you have the right to live in a property in a good “state of repair”. This means that the property is free from leaks, mould and damp, vermin and insect Infestation, drainage problems among others.   Read

Wed Dec 22 | 5:09 AM

How To Claim Compensation For Penetrating Damp

Have you suffered ill-health due to mould and penetrating dampness in your home? If your personal property has been destroyed in the process or you suffered financial loss due to housing disrepair, you could claim <...

Fri Dec 17 | 6:38 AM

Who Can Claim For Housing Disrepair?

Has your landlord failed to take proper action on disrepair in your home? Remember that your landlord is liable to provide you with a safe property that is free from disrepair issues.Tenants have the right to take l...

Tue Dec 14 | 6:04 AM

Legal Steps To Take If Your Landlord Is Harassing You

Tenants should be able to quietly enjoy their rental home, but this is not the case with some renters across the UK. If a landlord has intentionally disrupted your peace, you may be able to sue for harassment. When ...

Thu Dec 9 | 9:47 AM

How To Sue Landlord For Emotional Distress?

Do you know that you can sue your landlord for emotional distress caused by poor living conditions in your rental home? If you've experienced distress in form of insomnia, crying, stress, loss of concentration, or o...

Thu Nov 25 | 6:23 AM

Council Makes Disrepair Action Plan After Claims Increase By 600%

It is no news that the council have made a disrepair action plan after claims increased by 600%. The local authorities have said that claims management companies (CMC) now rely on disrepair claims to recover lost re...

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